Newswire Shares 3 SEO Metrics That Marketing Executives Need to Know

Press releases are powerful marketing vehicles that can be used by companies of all sizes and across all industries to boost SEO performance. How? Newswire explains.

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Having a content strategy in place is integral to the success of any business. Press releases, in particular, offer companies the ability to share company information to target audiences in a concise and informative way. They also provide an additional benefit in their ability to serve as search engine optimization (SEO) boosters. 

SEO is a process that involves enhancing content in an effort to improve the discoverability of a given web page. When people use sites like Google to find what they need online, those search engines yield results based on information pulled from indexing software. This indexing process determines which pages appear after each individual search, with the most accurate web pages ranking highest on the first page of results.

Press releases are excellent marketing vehicles to use when attempting to improve SEO performance. That's because Google, for instance, prioritizes authoritative content like press releases in the search results.

"Keeping SEO best practices in focus when developing press release content is a great way to improve performance over time," said Kyle Metcalf, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Newswire. "Our team works alongside our clients to identify relevant keywords and then develops content with those words and phrases infused throughout. This approach paired with consistency has helped us help our clients increase website traffic, build brand awareness and much more."

In order to truly maximize their reach, companies must track their content's SEO performance. According to Newswire, here are some key metrics that Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Executives should be aware of to track campaign effectiveness and return on investment (ROI).

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is traffic that comes from unpaid sources and is a metric to keep an eye on. 

Think of it this way: Google is trying to create a level playing field where the most accurate and informative content wins. Press release distribution campaigns optimized for search can help companies gain a competitive edge in their industry. 

Press releases are long enough to provide answers to questions that users search for online, without being so long that Google's indexing software penalizes the webpage. This is why press releases are often deemed as authoritative content and are great for ranking purposes — they check off all of Google's indexing boxes.

Session Duration and Time on Page

The more aligned the content is to the keyword search, the higher the content ranks. The goal of the search engine is to have users click on the highest-ranked links to find the information they need. The algorithm assumes that the longer a user spends on a given page, the more relevant and engaging the content is. If the press release was hosted on the company's website, then an optimized campaign can help improve overall time on site (TOS). 

Furthermore, SEO-focused press release distribution campaigns can also help decrease bounce rates. Bounce rates represent the percentage of users who visit a webpage, only to quickly click away after determining the site's content is not what they wanted. Content that's optimized for search will likely include the information users are looking for, so there's less reason for them to quickly leave the site. 

Domain Authority

Domain authority is a search engine ranking metric developed by Moz that measures how likely a website is likely to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). To be clear, it is not a Google ranking factor and has no effect on what is actually displayed on SERPs.

A company's domain authority is representative of how the company ranks on search engines, and they can use it to determine the ranking strength of a given website over time. To establish and maintain domain authority, companies need to have a stream of high-quality content that's relevant to the topics their target audience is searching for online; it also needs to be consistent and updated regularly. Other key factors that contribute to DA include site speed and responsiveness, and if the site is mobile-friendly.

A press release distribution campaign can include multiple releases over time; as a marketing vehicle, they're an ideal way to create new and repeated opportunities for media exposure.

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