Exclusive to Salons: GK Hair’s Professional Line Sets New Standards in Hair Care Excellence

OAKLAND PARK, Fla., April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a world where style has to marry health consciousness, GK Hair understands what makes you – and your hair tick!

At GK Hair, we set the highest standards to accommodate salon professionals and hair care experts.

Therefore, we go the extra mile to ensure our beauty experts are fully equipped with all the artillery in the armor!

Our mantra is to strive to promote diversity and exclusivity in the global hair care world – which is why we encourage you to join hands with us.

How does GK Hair stand out?

GK Hair uses natural ingredients in our treatments, styling, and coloring products – a major competitive edge – but there is more to our end goal.

We see our products as solutions to your specific, individual hair concerns.

“We believe in the power of diversity,” says Van Tibolli, CEO and Founder at GK Hair. “By embracing our differences, we create a more vibrant and innovative industry. Our goal is to empower hair professionals from all backgrounds, providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed.”

GK Hair’s commitment to diversity is shown in its hair care products line, which includes options for all hair types, textures, and ethnicities. With a wide range of styling products and cutting-edge hair treatments, GK Hair ensures everyone is cared for.

GK Hair aces the long-term game

At GK Hair, we don’t buy into the idea of instant gratification at the expense of your health.

So, our professional line prioritizes long-term hair nourishment rather than just focusing on immediate results.

Over the years – our customers have found that – consistently using our products has helped them in the following ways.:

  • Keep their hair healthy.
  • Safeguarding their preferred colors while applying hair treatments.
  • Improve their style and fashion sense.
  • Boost their confidence and self-esteem as a result of having amazing hair.
  • Experienced overall hair strength and resilience.

Benefits and our commitment to the cause

Whether it’s reducing frizz, repairing damaged hair, nourishing, or toning your maze – we transform your specific hair pain points into tangible solutions.

Our products:

  • Are sulfate free.
  • Contain no parabens.
  • Contain no gluten, DEA, or phthalates.
  • Are animal cruelty-free.

So, go for GK Hair treatments, shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and accessories with aplomb!

To access our product range, click here.

Get on board with GK Hair

GK Hair, one of the largest brands in the hair care industry, has led the way in combining innovation and sustainability. GK Hair is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to blend great aesthetic solutions with environmental consciousness.

For more information on how to get started, visit our website or contact our dedicated support team. Check out our website and social media handles here:

Website: https://www.gkhair.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gkhair
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