Author Audra’s New Book ‘Mona Lisa Smiled’ is an Inspiring Tale of One Young Woman Who Decides to Take Charge of Her Life and Follow Her Own Happiness

Recent release "Mona Lisa Smiled" from Newman Springs Publishing author Audra follows Mona Lisa, a bright young woman who has spent her life trying to please those around her. When she suddenly realizes how unhappy she is with her life, she makes a bold decision to begin centering her own happiness and embarks on a journey to do so.

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Audra has completed her new book "Mona Lisa Smiled": a powerful and engaging tale of inner courage and self-empowerment that follows one woman who makes the radical decision to control her destiny and find her own happiness.

"In this adventure, we join Mona Lisa as she braves the consequences of following the well-intentioned yet misguided advice of those closest to her," writes Audra. "Advice that, ultimately, leads her to unhappiness. Fearful of the impact her choices will have on others, Mona Lisa learns to smile through her pain.

"As Mona Lisa grows from innocent child to agonized adult, the distress she encounters portrays an all too familiar conflict - that of wrestling between our own heart's desires and the desires of the people we love. When the burden becomes too much to bear, will she summon the courage to put herself before everyone else?"

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Audra's captivating story is partly inspired by the author's experiences in her own life, which she shares in the hopes of inspiring others to strike out on their own and find what makes them smile. Despite knowing that those she loves will judge her, Mona Lisa bravely pursues her own interests and joy to find fulfillment in life, thus causing her to smile as she once did as a child.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase "Mona Lisa Smiled" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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