Summer is Around the Corner and Trampolines Provide an Opportunity for All Ages to Jump Outside and Enjoy the Warmer Weather

A fun, convenient activity in the backyard, trampolines provide many health benefits, like getting the kids outside and into the sunshine, helping parents fight the screen battle.

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According to one of the biggest trampoline brands in NZ, SpaceJump, trampolines are the gift that keeps on giving. One of those rare toys that continues to be a family favourite across the country, trampolines can rival screens, providing a fun and healthy activity children can enjoy outside in the sunshine, in their own backyard.

As well as providing an engaging activity for children, SpaceJump says trampolines provide a host of other benefits for the whole family. The simplicity of bouncing on a trampoline can be enjoyed by almost anyone, with no strict restrictions or skills needed. 

Trampolining requires a certain level of concentration, which can help both children and adults to reduce stress levels by focusing their mind on something different, explains SpaceJump. A great way to have fun outside in the sunshine, trampolining stimulates the body to naturally release endorphins, helping bouncers feel happier. 

The convenience of having a trampoline in the backyard has always been a drawcard for customers, says SpaceJump. A great alternative to spending time inside in front of the TV or on another screen, getting the kids outside increases their exposure to Vitamin D, which is critical to help improve their immune system as well as aiding muscle and cardiovascular function. 

When it comes to choosing the ideal trampoline, there are various sizes available on the market as well as different styles to choose from. SpaceJump recommends buyers first determine who will be using the trampoline (adults or children or both) as well as how many people will be using it. It's also important to find out information about the safety of the equipment and how to set it up. 

As experts in the industry, SpaceJump has crafted their trampolines with the perfect balance of safety and fun. Their fleet of trampolines is made with robust components that will stand up to the NZ elements, all year around. Offering products ranging in size from 10ft to 15ft, SpaceJump has trampolines to suit everyone. For more information about the best trampoline NZ-wide, visit SpaceJump today.

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