Sports Academy Announces Partnership With Élevé Health

Sports Academy has partnered with Élevé Health, the number one global marketer and distributor of various health and wellness products, to provide athletes of all ages with the best and most efficient technologies available for faster healing and health optimization.

Sports Academy announced a partnership with Élevé Health, the number one global marketer and distributor of various health and wellness products, to be the official Recovery Suite Naming Rights Sponsor at both its Frisco, Texas, and Thousand Oaks, California locations.

The collaboration aims to support the critical health and wellness needs of professional athletes, amateurs, and the general population in both geographic areas by providing a comprehensive and immersive health and wellness experience that focuses on promoting healing, wellness, and optimal performance.

"We are excited to partner with Élevé Health, who share our commitment to excellence and improving the lives of those we serve. This collaboration will offer innovative technology and evidence-based practices that drive success and well-being for our clients, taking us to new heights in the realms of sports, health, and overall wellness." - Nate Borunda - Co-Founder Of Sports Academy

Through this partnership, Sports Academy clients will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of leading-edge modalities in the Élevé Recovery Room. This includes vibroacoustic beds, infrared saunas, multi-light therapy beds, and hyperbaric chambers, among others. In addition, clients will be able to sample and purchase products from Élevé Health's extensive portfolio, which they can enjoy in the comfort of their own home or business.

"I am very proud and excited about our partnership with Sports Academy," says Carlos Mendez, Founder and CEO of Élevé Health. "They are a highly ranked sports professional training facility that has the professional staff and technology to draw in top-level athletes and agencies in the country. Nate and Chad have been great people to work with and we have found that both facilities are just as excited as we are to implement a fully equipped recovery room. The Élevé Recovery Room includes an elite array of high-quality and innovative equipment that work in conjunction to provide optimal health and wellness benefits. There has been a lot of thought and design that went into building these great recovery rooms, which we know are desperately needed in the industry. Élevé Health is proud to be the pioneer of the concept of recovery rooms and look forward to seeing everyone elevate their performance!"


Sports Academy is comprised of experts that support youth, adult, amateur, professional, tactical, and elite athletes with a full-circle training approach. It includes body and mind performance training that is expert-driven, effective, and safe. We develop all athletes like professional athletes, using individualized human performance programs designed to support athletes in reaching their full potential. Collaborating with the best of the best in the fields of sports medicine, rehabilitation, cognition, sports science, and research, we facilitate evidence-based practices, using best-in-class performance technology and proven training systems for each of our clients. Sports Academy's leading-edge facilities in Frisco, Texas, and Thousand Oaks, California are complete with full diagnostic, development, competition, and recovery environments that energize the training and competitive experiences that yield optimal results.


Eleve Health is the world's first mass distributor of Hyperbaric Chambers and quality, elite, health optimization therapies. A leader in the Health & Wellness Field, we are a unique brand that represents Wellness, Social-Media, Sports, and Pop Culture. Our products include Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), Vibro-Acoustic Therapy (VIBRO), and Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT). We are passionate and committed to educating and bringing awareness about innovative health solutions and their benefits to the masses. We are proud to provide 5-star service and technologies that naturally enhance the body's own ability to heal itself. Our mission is to spread the word about the benefits of these life-altering technologies and make them available and accessible to all. Élevé, a French word, simply means elevated. We aim to inspire people to elevate their game, elevate their health, elevate their mind & elevate their life!

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