Silent Beacon Launches New Enterprise Safety Solutions Portal – Enabling Employers to Prioritize WorkForce Safety

Employee safety portal offers a security solution for businesses and their employees

Silent Beacon, the company behind its namesake wearable panic button, is officially adding the Enterprise Safety Solutions Portal to its product lineup and inviting companies to utilize the platform.

Employers of all industries have found themselves at ground zero navigating through a range of emergencies, such as personal assaults, active-shooter attacks, hazmat incidents, and pandemics. According to the National Safety Council, assaults are the fourth leading cause of work-related deaths, while nonfatal work-related assault injuries continue to climb.

Companies across several industries from healthcare to delivery to various technical services have become more dependent on their lone workers to serve customers and patients in the field. These employees are often unprotected and at higher risk due to factors such as working in unsafe neighborhoods, midnight calls or late hours, and potentially interacting with dangerous people.

The Silent Beacon Enterprise Safety Solutions Portal helps companies closely monitor the safety and location of their workforce. It is a two-way solution: employers gain a communications platform to easily alert all employees in the event of an emergency, while employees are able to quickly report emergencies and get help quickly when they need it, thus reducing response time and employee risk.

The Enterprise Safety Solutions Portal includes vital features for companies handling a crisis, including:

●  Mass communication capability to simultaneously alert employees of an emergency

●  Multi-channel delivery of emergency alerts

●  Live Map to support employees in crisis

●  Enterprise Dashboard for unified visibility, control, and customization

●  24/7 Monitoring Center support

●  Beacon device integration and management

●  Customizable reports to access real-time analytics

The Enterprise Safety Solutions Portal works in tandem with the Silent Beacon wearable panic button that each employee receives as part of the Enterprise Safety Solutions Portal package. Silent Beacon utilizes a smartphone's GPS to send the user's location in real time via text, email, and push notifications to people who can help in an emergency. Silent Beacon substantially increases the user's probability of being located and helped by expanding their network to more than just 911. This feature adds an extra layer of safety, enabling contacts to find the user if they are incapacitated or unable to talk.

In 2018, there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses, and 44% of workers say they face personal safety issues in their primary employment practices. Silent Beacon's wearable solution strengthens employee safety, all while helping employers comply with safety and security protocols as well as lower liability and workforce attrition rates.

"It's a tragedy when people are victimized at work," said Kenny Kelley, VP of Technology & Founding Partner at Silent Beacon. "Because every second counts in an emergency, the crisis can be compounded without the ability to instantly summon assistance and stay connected to trusted colleagues. Our Safety Portal gives employers an efficient and effective safety system to support every employee."

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