PUNTA SANTOS Debuts as the First-Ever Low-Proof Premium Tequila

Made With 100% Blue Agave and Engineered at 28% ABV, PUNTA SANTOS Blazes New Path in the Spirits Industry


PUNTA SANTOS Tequila Liqueur, the First Low-Alcohol 28% ABV Premium Tequila

PUNTA SANTOS, the first and only luxury tequila featuring a lower alcohol-by-volume (ABV), launches today across the United States. Made with only one primary ingredient — 100% blue agave — and featuring 28% ABV (vs. traditional tequilas, which range between 40% and 50%), PUNTA SANTOS is now available exclusively for online purchase.

Crafted in Jalisco, Mexico, through a small batch production process using only the hearts of blue agave while distilling, PUNTA SANTOS offers the full, rich flavors of high-end, blanco tequila without the high alcohol content. Containing no added flavors, colorants or artificial sweeteners, PUNTA SANTOS has only 77 calories per 1.5 oz. serving (vs. traditional tequilas, which contain 98+ calories per serving). 

The development of PUNTA SANTOS began in 2020, during a time where consumers started seeking low-proof (or no-proof) options that would allow them to enjoy the taste of their favorite alcoholic beverages while limiting some of the harsh effects. PUNTA SANTOS co-founders Jorge Cerón and Diego Nuñez saw an opportunity to bring this trend to the tequila industry, leaning heavily on market research surrounding evolved tendencies of alcohol consumption during the pandemic.

"We set out to create PUNTA SANTOS for 'mindful drinkers,'" stated Nuñez, whose family founded Tequila El Viejito, a factory in Jalisco that has produced high-end tequila for 86 years on behalf of brands such as Patron and Avion. "With a reduced ABV, they can enjoy the taste and experience of premium tequila, but on their own terms."

Nuñez and Cerón enlisted master distiller Alvaro Aceves to help create a tequila liqueur (a classification for tequila with less than 40% ABV) that would be smooth to sip, whether served straight or mixed into a cocktail. "Most people put mixers into tequila to make it more 'drinkable,'" stated Cerón. "With PUNTA SANTOS, consumers can experience the true essence of premium tequila minus 'the burn' that many of us associate with drinking it."

With notes of agave, citrus and smoke, PUNTA SANTOS has a soft finish and subtle sweetness. To guide the essence of the product, Nuñez and Cerón looked to the serene beaches of Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico.

A carbon-neutral product, PUNTA SANTOS is committed to sustainability through the entire product cycle, and supports the Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, providing funds to help regenerate its forests. 

PUNTA SANTOS retails at $100 USD per 750ML bottle, and is now available at www.drinkpuntasantos.com

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