Professor’s Beloved Board Game ‘Personal Preference’ Gets a 21st-Century Makeover Thanks to Dedicated Fans

Second Edition of Personal Preference Available on Kickstarter During May

Personal Preference Game

Group playing the new edition of the Personal Preference board game

After three-and-a-half decades, a popular board game, Personal Preference, is getting a major upgrade. The 1988 game, which sold hundreds of thousands of copies and became a favorite of Hollywood celebrities, is finally spawning a new, updated version. Thanks to the efforts of a group of devoted fans and the game's original creator, retired Purdue Professor Don Carlston, players both old and new will be able to enjoy a modern take on this classic favorite.

What's unique about Personal Preference is the expertise that went into its creation and the devotion of its enthusiasts. The original game was based on Professor Carlston's academic research and was created to serve as an icebreaker and help people get to know each other better.

Some cards in the original game became dated and, over the years, countless fans reached out to Carlston with requests for new cards or offers to buy the rights to the game so it could be updated. Eventually, he decided to team up with some of his most persistent fans to make the new edition a reality. This core team was bolstered by a group of 50 diehard devotees who came together over Zoom during the pandemic to play test and evaluate potential topics. "It really was an international team effort," says Carlston, "with volunteers from the U.S. and Canada and even Great Britain. And the result is a version that is even better than the original."

Carlston suggests that the lasting success of Personal Preference is because "most people enjoy hearing others' impressions of their likes and dislikes, and they also enjoy revealing and explaining their true tastes and preferences. These are the things that define who we are, so they are also the best way to get to know and connect with others." Now, as we come out of the isolation of the pandemic, the dedication of a group of devoted Personal Preference fans will give old and new players alike a fun, new way to reconnect with friends and family.

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