New Gift Registry Concept Empowers Women to Celebrate Occasions Beyond a Wedding or Baby

Celebrate Me Registry Launches, Encourages Women to 'Claim All of Their Cake Days.'

CHICAGO - August 18, 2022 - (

Celebrate Me Registry launches the first totally customizable gift registry service; a site designed for women who want to celebrate the milestone moments in life that don't fit into a traditional "box." Celebrate Me Registry's mission is to help all women feel valued, lauded, and special - while taking the guesswork out of gifting.

Now, users may create a completely free registry for any occasion they desire, no white dress or baby bump required. The Celebrate Me Registry platform was designed to share the excitement around landing that new promotion, getting a master's degree, finishing chemo, or "just because."

The concept came to Celebrate Me Registry founder Chrisondra Boyd while attempting to create a registry for her 40th birthday, which was canceled due to Covid. "I wanted to give my friends and family a way to celebrate this moment with me, but found it frustrating that there wasn't an elegant or enticing platform available for more non-traditional occasions."

Celebrants can take advantage of the easy-to-use site to compile the registry of their dreams. In addition to the website, a mobile app and Chrome extension are available to make adding gifts a breeze, from anywhere on the internet. And for those who are usually stumped when asked what they'd like to receive, the site features shoppable gift guides to remove the workload of choosing items.

"It's time to rethink the registry and what we deem worthy of celebration," said Chrisondra. "At Celebrate Me Registry, we believe it's time to empower all women to ask for exactly what they want."

About Celebrate Me Registry

Celebrate Me Registry is the first totally customizable registry service that lets you add gifts from across the internet for any occasion. Created by a woman, for women who deserve to be celebrated (which is, like, all of us).

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