NücleoGenex Announces Exclusive Licensing Agreement for Panoxol, a Patented Nutraceutical Supplement

NücleoGenex, a company supplying DNA-based personalized nutrition, has announced an exclusive license agreement with Clinical and Herbal Innovations, Inc., the makers of Panoxol, a patented heart health nutraceutical.

Panoxol, which has been on the market for almost 10 years, is a proprietary nitric oxide boosting supplement that supports overall cardiovascular health. The end goal is to support an optimal cardio-metabolic process. 

"Our product offering is already incredibly unique, but to add a patented nutraceutical that can be tied to a person's genetic SNPs for the benefit of supporting heart health is very exciting," said NücleoGenex CEO Robert Oblon. "We look forward to adding not just their science but their network of doctors and wellness practitioners who now have the opportunity to greatly benefit with the combined power of our collective offerings."

The exclusive license will enable NücleoGenex to expand its range of cutting-edge products and cement its position as a leading provider of DNA-based, personalized nutrition, gut health technologies, and now nitric oxide boosting heart health product. 

"CHII and Panoxol are very happy to find the right strategic partnership in Mr. Oblon and his team. We are looking forward to the increased value this is going to bring to our other partnerships, and shareholders," said Clinical and Herbal Innovation's CEO William Dennis.

The agreement provides NücleoGenex with an exclusive opportunity to market Panoxol, as well as future product developments based on its proprietary and patented formulation.

About NücleoGenex

NücleoGenex is DNA-based, personalized nutrition. Using patented, proprietary technology allows for the ability to compound nearly 400 million unique supplement formulas based on a single individual's DNA.

For more information on NücleoGenex, visit www.nucleogenex.com

For information on Panoxol, visit https://panoxol.com

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