Nantucket Whaler’s Reworked Collection Continues to Expand With Launch of the Regatta Collection

Nantucket Whaler

Nantucket Whaler

Nantucket Whaler, the classic American lifestyle brand inspired by exploration and Nantucket Island, has launched the Reworked Collection, a series of limited-edition shirts that perfectly balance craftsmanship and the brand's Nantucket heritage, with a modern twist.

The Reworked Collection is the most recent product launch for Nantucket Whaler, featuring a three-part series, each unique and full of New England charm. The limited-edition shirts in the Reworked Collection consist of Nantucket Whaler's core products, which are re-imagined to create one-of-a-kind collector's pieces. Crafted in a small batch, every garment purchased from the three collections includes a hand-numbered certificate packaged in a premium glass bottle, documenting its limited edition and authenticity.

The Sailcloth Collection features an upcycled sailcloth patch pocket to further enhance the brand's nautical connection. The sailcloth patches were produced through a partnership with a master artisan who hand-sourced sailboat mainsails that are no longer used for sailing and re-purposed them into the recently launched collection. The Regatta Collection, the newest series launched from the Reworked Collection, is inspired by the love of sailing on Nantucket Island and incorporates a signature Nautical Flag design into each piece. Filled with bright whites and rich navy to represent boat sails on the water, this collection highlights the maritime spirit for consumers. The Fully Rigged Collection is the third in the series and soon to launch in Spring 2023, featuring hand-printed artistic renditions of the original fully rigged Nantucket ship built in 1837.

"I'm excited for our consumers to experience the Reworked Collection and learn about the unique elements within each garment that create these one-of-a-kind collector's pieces," says Morgan Rose, Senior Designer at Nantucket Whaler. "The Nantucket Whaler brand is continually inspired by life at sea, and the Reworked Collection is yet another opportunity for us to share our heritage with fans of the brand."

Consumers can shop both the Sailcloth Collection and the Regatta Collection now, while supplies of the limited-edition items last. The third and final series in the Reworked Collection, the Fully Rigged Collection, is scheduled to launch in Spring 2023. All items in the Reworked Collection will be available online only, at

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Nantucket Whaler, a lifestyle brand, is inspired by exploration and island history dating back to 1837. The brand's heritage is steeped in the mystique of Nantucket Island and the generations of people who built a life exploring the sea. Nantucket Whaler's style translates the grit, strength, and endurance of those early nautical explorers into well-crafted clothes for modern consumers who embody those same core values. Visit

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