Meggan Kaiser Shares Tips to Prepare for A Summer Camping Explosion on TipsOnTv

Author of 'Free Travel for the Modern Nomad,' Actress and Travel Host, Shares Tips for Enjoying Camping

Travel Expert Meggan Kaiser Shares Camping Advice

Celebrate National Camping Month with Ideas from Travel Expert Meggan Kaiser

Summer is here, which means that people are looking for new adventures. Travel expert, TV host and author Meggan Kaiser offers some tips on camping to help make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience, whether it be visiting the national parks or camping in the backyard. As the author of Everywhere for Nothing: Free Travel for the Modern Nomad, Meggan is known for having big adventures on a small budget. Whether it is traditional camping with a tent and campfire, or resort-style Glamping, here are some ways to help make the next adventure a success.


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