Man Crushed by Boulder on Hike Returns to Raise Money for Families and Victims of Human Trafficking

A Phoenix Pastor and his daughter raised $1.8 million for families in need and victims of human trafficking, after being crushed by an 8,000-pound boulder.

Pastor Luke Barnett being airlifted after being crushed by boulder

Man Crushed by Boulder, Airlifted, Now Hiking for Charity

COLORADO CITY, Ariz. - November 21, 2022 - (

Pastor Luke Barnett and his daughter, Annalee, set out two years ago to hike the world-famous, 800-mile Arizona Trail. The two were hiking in an effort to raise $1 million to help the Short Creek Dream Center support families and individuals in need of housing, provide food resources to families in need and offer refuge to victims of abuse in Colorado City, AZ (the town featured in the Netflix docuseries, Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey). Luke and Annalee were 500 miles into the hike when an 8,000-pound boulder came bombing down toward Annalee. Heroically, Luke pushed his daughter out of the way, saving her, and, in turn, was crushed and dragged by the boulder himself. Narrowly escaping with his life, Luke was airlifted with multiple broken bones, including a broken femur, three broken ribs, and a nearly severed finger, spent nine days in the hospital, and encouraged Annalee to continue the hike without him. 

This story broke internationally and allowed the hikers to raise over $1.8 million in support of the Short Creek Dream Center and Short Creek community. 

Now, Luke Barnett is back on the Arizona Trail and determined to complete the last 300 miles of the hike. He wants to accomplish the feat that the boulder robbed them of two years ago and, most importantly, continue to raise money and awareness to support the Dream Center's efforts in the Short Creek community to help survivors of abuse, human trafficking, domestic violence and provide critical resources to families in need. 

To learn more about the hike and how it's supporting victims and families in the community, visit:

About the Short Creek Dream Center

The Short Creek Dream Center exists to serve the twin towns of Hildale and Colorado City as they continue to grow, heal, and transform. From transitional housing, recovery, community outreach and helping combat the effects of poverty, the Dream Center exists to help find and fill the needs of the Short Creek Community and beyond. 

Along with the Phoenix Dream Center, Streetlight USA, and Stop Traffic Walk, the Short Creek Dream Center is part of the largest network of anti-human trafficking agencies in North America. Trafficking comes in many different forms and we want to see anyone suffering from exploitation be set free and have a place to go for support. 

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