Lifeline Senior Living and Amazon Collaborate to Create Nurse Call System With Voice-Enabled Resident Help Requests

Lifeline CarePoint Essential Resident Safety System Integrated with Alexa Delivers Keyworded Voice Help Alerts to Enable Efficient Triaging and Enhanced Senior Care

The Lifeline Senior Living division of Connect America, a nationally recognized innovator in connected care technology for seniors, today announced its collaboration with Amazon's Alexa Smart Properties to create a voice-enabled resident safety system that enhances senior care at Assisted and Independent Living communities across North America.

The integrated solution combines Lifeline's CarePoint Essential cloud-based residential safety system and the Alexa voice-enabled AI device. It launched earlier this year at The Manor Village Desert Ridge in Phoenix, a community of nearly 160 senior residents, and is now commercially available through Lifeline Senior Living. 

"We are thrilled to work with Lifeline Senior Living to enhance the lives of older adult residents so they can live more independently and easily stay connected to their community," said Ginna Baik, Senior Living Business Development Manager at Alexa Smart Properties. "We've seen how customers, including older adult populations, find Alexa useful in their everyday lives and we look forward to continue to enable solutions and services that are designed for the needs of senior living and are easy to use."

Lifeline CarePoint Essential with Alexa provides important capabilities beyond traditional emergency call systems, which provide little context as to the urgency or type of need. Integrating with Alexa enables residents to verbally specify what type of help is required, whether it is assistance from a fall or a glass of water. Residents receive verbal confirmation that they have been heard and help is on the way.

Key features include:

  • Voice-Enabled Help Requests: The Alexa-enabled device reacts to the resident's spoken commands and sends keyworded alerts to staff members' mobile devices or computer dashboards, providing critical contextual detail for effective triaging of residents' needs.
  • Heightened Community Engagement: The integrated system also enables seniors to engage with Alexa to receive pre-programmed community information, such as menu offerings or activities. 
  • Verbal Acknowledgement: Alexa verbally confirms their request has been received, delivering peace of mind while they wait for a caregiver. 
  • Combating Isolation: 
    • AI Voice Control: Residents can interact with Alexa to access games, audio books, news, and more. 
    • Voice Calling: Residents' address books can be uploaded for hands-free phone calls to family and friends from their room.

"We are proud of the powerful collaboration between our Lifeline Senior Living team and Amazon to create this AI-enabled safety and engagement technology to enhance senior care and their daily lives," said Janet Dillione, CEO of Connect America. "From increased efficiencies and reduced costs to more proactive care and engagement, this solution can have a powerful impact for so many." 


Lifeline Senior Living is a technology leader dedicated to providing the best resident safety and wellness solutions for senior living communities. From traditional e-call systems to advanced resident safety platforms, Lifeline helps communities deliver better overall resident care.

Connect America, and its family of brands, is the leading provider of connective health solutions dedicated to empowering aging adults and vulnerable populations to live safely and independently at home for as long as possible. The company's AI-assisted digital health and safety platform includes Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solutions, Personal Emergency Response Services (PERS), Medication Management, Analytics, and SDoH support that enables continuous in-home and mobile monitoring of aging and at-risk populations for more timely interventions and smart escalations of care.

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Original Source: Lifeline Senior Living and Amazon Collaborate to Create Nurse Call System With Voice-Enabled Resident Help Requests