Interior Design Trends Here to Stay in 2023, According to Experts

Experts predict that 2023 will herald in an era of fun when it comes to interior design. Here they share the top trends to embrace in the new year.



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According to leading interior design company FURNISHD., rather than trying to appeal to a broad market when decorating a home, it's important to choose styles that appeal to one's own passions and interests. Interior design trends come and go, so instead of buying into new fads, incorporating colours, textures and forms that spark joy and speak to the homeowner's personality will ensure the space reaches its full design potential. 

The expert interior designers say while there are no rules for selecting the right colour for a home, warm and vibrant colours are making a comeback after taking a back seat to the cool greys, whites and neutrals that have dominated for a long time now.

An easy way to update a neutral home is by adding plenty of textures, explains FURNISHD. Wallpaper and textural paint finishes can be a low-cost yet effective way to add visual interest to a room. 

Pattern on pattern and clashing colours are also having a moment, says FURNISHD. Think statement wallpaper and printed fabrics as well as retro textiles such as taffeta, which is becoming a popular choice for curtains. 

Geometric patterns are also very on-trend but, as FURNISHD. highlights, this is a trend that won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Small-scale ways to embrace the trend include checked throw cushions, decorative bowls and rugs. 

The interior design consultant says rather than choosing mass-produced objects and furniture, opting for unique and beautifully designed pieces will help to make the home feel personalised. As people move past wanting their home to look like a magazine liftout, special objects that evoke memories will create a more meaningful space. FURNISHD. suggests investing in pieces made by local artists and looking to collabs between boutique designers and big brand names, as well as checking out op shops to find hidden gems that won't break the bank.

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