Home Assist Health: 10 Signs Senior Relative May Need In-Home Care

Holidays Are Perfect Time to Check on Well-Being of Seniors

Sara Wilson

CEO of Home Assist Health

PHOENIX - December 7, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

With holidays just around the corner, many families are gathering or visiting senior relatives, creating the perfect opportunity to check on the well-being of aging seniors. Travel has been limited the past few years for many families, so some signs that your aging loved ones may need in-home care may have gone unnoticed. 

Sara Wilson, CEO of Home Assist Health, a Phoenix-based nonprofit that serves 1,200 seniors and individuals with disabilities in their homes annually, notes, "Seniors often don't want to ask for help because they are afraid of being put in a long-term care home or being moved from where they are most comfortable, their homes. The good news, many families don't realize seniors can stay in their own home and have help come to them." 

Wilson shares that if you visit senior family members this holiday season and notice the following, it may be time to have a conversation about home care:

10 Signs Your Senior Relative May Need In-Home Care

  1. Not keeping up with house cleaning/yard work
  2. Missing appointments or meetings/obligations
  3. Poor personal hygiene or bladder control issues
  4. Difficulty with mobility or standing
  5. Car accident or difficulty driving
  6. Depression, seclusion or changes in mood
  7. Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy
  8. Multiple chronic illnesses they are trying to manage, like diabetes or high blood pressure
  9. Gained or lost a significant amount of weight; trouble chewing, swallowing or taking medication
  10. Recent fall

Next Steps for Care

If concerned, consider taking the next step by contacting organizations like Home Assist Health that provide free phone interviews and in-home evaluations. Determine if a loved one has insurance for home care, which may come from a Medicaid Long-Term Care benefit, Select Medicare Advantage Plans, or Private Long-Term Care Insurance Plan. For those without home care benefits from insurance, there are other payment methods for accessing care at home. Visit https://homeassisthealth.org to learn more.

About Home Assist Health

Home Assist Health, a nonprofit organization based in Phoenix, offers personalized home- and community-based services to seniors and individuals with disabilities. Services include personal care assistance, companionship, housekeeping, respite care and habilitation. Specialty services include enhanced care transitions and enhanced chronic disease management. Home Assist Health puts compassion into action, supporting Arizonans in building and maintaining their independence, community involvement and overall life quality while remaining in the comforts of their own home. More info: https://homeassisthealth.org or follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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