HMR Supports Individuals Using GLP-1s to Enhance Weight Loss and Health Outcomes

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HMR, a leading provider of medically-supervised weight management and lifestyle intervention programs, is pleased to announce its dedicated support for individuals using weight-loss medications, particularly the type commonly known as GLP-1s. Since 1983, HMR has helped people achieve significant weight loss while instilling lasting lifestyle changes for improved health and overall quality of life.

The HMR program is available at premier hospitals and medical centers nationwide, offering two comprehensive treatment options: in-person medically-supervised program and Healthy Solutions® at Home, which utilizes supportive technology and health coaching. Both options provide effective assistance to individuals using weight-loss medications by combining health coaching, dietary modifications, and strategies for increased physical activity.

Christine Weithman, MBA, RD, LDN, FAND, Lead Dietitian at HMR, emphasizes the importance of incorporating lifestyle modifications alongside medication use. She says, "Although GLP-1s exhibit remarkable effectiveness, their true potential shines when combined with a comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition program. Sole medication isn't sufficient for achieving lasting results. The significance of embracing lifestyle modification through food choices and physical activity cannot be emphasized enough. At HMR, we support sustainable improvements."

HMR is proud to present its published results, demonstrating the effectiveness of its programs:

  • In-person Program: Participants completing the in-clinic Decision-Free® plan achieve an average weight loss of 43-66 lbs. over 12-26 weeks.1
  • At-home Program: Participants completing the Healthy Solutions® at Home program with virtual coaching achieve an average weight loss of 23 lbs. at 12 weeks and 28 lbs. at 26 weeks.2

HMR's focus on healthy behavior change is crucial for long-term weight management. Christi Cummings, Director of Nursing at HMR, emphasizes that "Along with HMR's behavior change approach, health care providers can be assured that those using or considering GLP-1s can improve weight-loss outcomes, achieve long-term weight management, and enhance overall health."

Ryan Niparts, CEO of HMR, shares the organization's commitment to revolutionizing weight management through a holistic approach. "By integrating cutting-edge medications like GLP-1s with personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans, we are confident that our method will bring about a transformative impact in the lives of countless individuals," he says.

HMR ensures that individuals utilizing GLP-1s will follow a structured HMR plan while receiving supportive strategies to adjust their diet for food volume, meal timing, and product variety. The methods employed by HMR are supported by GLP-1 providers who work closely with the HMR program.

To learn more about how HMR's medically-supervised programs can support your weight-loss journey while using GLP-1s, visit Healthcare Providers, visit

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These studies were supported and/or sponsored by HMR, including financial support in some cases. Some of the investigators in some of the studies were employees of HMR and/or members of the HMR Medical Advisory Board.

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