Hard Asset Management Puts a Strong Buy on All Varieties of $4 US Rare Coin Stella Patterns

Hard Asset Management Highlights Stellar Growth in Gold Stella Coin Market as Investment Potential Surges

Hard Asset Management, a leading global firm specializing in the management of hard assets, specifically precious metals and rare coins, is pleased to announce the consistent increase in the U.S. and world rare coin market. Since 2018, Hard Asset Management has put a strong buy recommendation on the gold Stella coin, and the market has responded with substantial growth.

Originally minted as a pattern coin in 1879 and 1880, the Stella coin was envisioned as a potential route for the United States to join the Latin Monetary Union (LMU). Although this initiative was not pursued by Congress, the Stella coins have been embraced by collectors and investors, becoming a highly prized asset.

Christian Briggs, founder and CEO of Hard Asset Management, remarked, "Our guidance since 2018 to invest in gold Stella coins has proven its merit. We are gratified by the market's sustained growth and are confident that these historical coins provide a distinctive opportunity for collectors and investors to add a significant value to their portfolios."

Shifting focus to performance, data from the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) underlines the impressive appreciation of the Stella coins. Grading categories, such as PR (Proof), DCAM (Deep Cameo), and CAM (Cameo), illustrate a coin's condition and finish.

Below are a few examples of recent three-year Stella coin appreciations: 

1879 STELLA $4 Flowing Hair Proof 67      
2021: $350,000
2023: $650,000                       

1879 STELLA $4 Flowing Hair Proof 67 Deep Cameo (DCAM)    
2021: $475,000           
2023: $750,000           

STELLA $4 Flowing Hair Proof Cameo 64+
2020: $210,000
2023: $285,000

Hard Asset Management's strong recommendation and foresight in identifying the potential of gold Stella coins have positioned the company as a trusted source for acquiring these rare and valuable numismatic treasures. The company continues to assist collectors and investors in navigating the dynamic coin market.


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Original Source: Hard Asset Management Puts a Strong Buy on All Varieties of $4 US Rare Coin Stella Patterns