Favorite Chef News: Arizona’s Terry Matthews to Host Exclusive Workshop

Food Network star BBQ Daddy presents 'The Secret Sauce to Catering Events' to Favorite Chef competitors

Favorite Chef Terry Matthews

Favorite Chef exclusive workshop \u2014 The Secret Sauce to Catering Events

Colossal Management, LLC is thrilled to announce that Arizona-based Food Network star Terry Matthews, also known as "BBQ Daddy," will be one of a handful of hosts for a series of exclusive workshops set to run throughout the 2023 Favorite Chef Competition. In these workshops, Favorite Chef competitors will discover insider tips and tricks from some of the most experienced professionals in the culinary industry. 

Matthews' The Secret Sauce to Catering Events will walk competing chefs through the entire catering process, including:

  • Starting a catering business
  • Booking events
  • How to create a catering menu
  • Best foods for catering events
  • How to best prep for an event
  • How to pack for an event
  • Why timing is crucial

Matthews owns and operates Qfire Catering in Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California. He is well-known for appearing as a featured guest on several television and news outlets, including working alongside Chef Bobby Flay. Matthews won the Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen and Camp Cutthroat and starred in BBQ Brawl in 2021. Colossal is thrilled to partner with Matthews and offer this exclusive workshop to the 2023 Favorite Chef competitors. 

The Favorite Chef Competition brings a community of culinary creators together to compete in a tournament-style online competition for an ultimate prize of $25,000, a one-on-one cooking experience with Carla Hall at the new Platform by James Beard Foundation at Pier 57 in NYC, and an advertorial feature in Taste of Home magazine. Registration for the 2023 Favorite Chef Competition is slated to kick off this spring.  

Favorite Chef will be operated by Colossal as part of a fundraising campaign on behalf of DTCare, a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity organization. Donations from votes cast during the Competition will go directly to DTCare, which will then grant the donations to the James Beard Foundation to support its mission to celebrate, support, and elevate the people behind America's food culture.

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