Expecting a Child? Here’s How to Get Ready

iQuanti: Expecting a child can be one of the most thrilling and joyous times in your life. Whether you are birthing, adopting, fostering, having a child via surrogacy, or welcoming them into your home in another way, it is important to prepare your home and to be as ready as you can before embarking on such a life-changing and wonderful adventure. 

Here are some tips to help you get ready:

Have a plan

Having a plan in place can help ease the stress you might face. In addition to having a hospital bag packed and a birthing plan (if applicable), there are other ways you can prepare. You may want to review your medical insurance to see what expenses are covered under your plan. How will you add the child to your insurance once they arrive? 

It can be helpful to think through how you will handle the lifestyle changes that come with having a child. Are you and your partner on the same page about parenting decisions, such as when to start solid foods or whether/when you'll go back to work after having the baby? What about sleep training? Have you decided how you'll divide responsibilities? Have you let your employer know about parental leave? 

Prep your home

Preparing your home before the child arrives is vital. If you are welcoming a baby into your home, is the nursery ready? Is your house as babyproofed as possible? If the child is older, is your home ready for a toddler? Have you thought about childproofing sharp edges and corners on tables and counters? Have you put childproof covers on electrical outlets and door handles? Are there any plants, objects, cords, medications, cleaning supplies, or choking hazards that the child could reach? If you have pets, is their food out of the child's reach? Have you thought about childproof gates for stairwells, doorways, and other places? Having a well-prepared household can help to avoid accidents and ease your mind as you bring the child into your home.  

Prep your budget

Preparing your budget can help you get ahead of any expenses that might come up as you get ready. It may help to chart out your budget and your routine monthly expenses. These expenses can include mortgage, rent, utilities, car and transportation-related payments, savings and retirement contributions, and emergency funds to child-related things like diapers, formula, clothing, strollers, and childcare. Ensuring you have an accurate and well-planned budget can help you to be financially ready for your child.  

Consider life insurance

Life insurance is another thing to consider as you are expecting your child. Many new parents choose affordable term life insurance policies to ensure that, should they pass away suddenly or unexpectedly, their family and loved ones will have financial assets to help care for the child. Much like preparing your home and budget, life insurance is another way that you can prepare as you bring a child into your life. 

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