EcoClear Partners With the City of St. Petersburg to Minimize Pests

EcoClear's RatX® is poison-free and only affects target species, improving the quality of life in the area.

EcoClear Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of safe, eco-friendly pesticides, announces an agreement with the City of St. Petersburg, Florida's Sanitation Department. The city will use EcoClear's RatX® as a city-wide rodent control solution, in order to safely resolve the common problem of rodent overpopulation without affecting people, their pets, and the local wildlife. 

"The residents of St. Petersburg are living in a city that cares about its people, pets, and wildlife," Christopher Stidd, President of Ecoclear Products, said. "The city's choice to use EcoClear's effective and poison-free method of extermination sets the city and its citizens ahead of the curve." 

RatX ® is an all-natural product with two active ingredients, corn gluten meal and sodium chloride, safe to use around people and pets, with no risk of secondary kill to non-target species like birds of prey or wildlife. It reduces the smell of dead rodent carcasses by up to 90% while also providing a more cost-effective solution than poisons and private extermination contractors. 

"Using RatX® will save the taxpayers money, as the city no longer has to use outside services to control rodents," Stidd said. "The city is choosing a sustainable way to get rid of unwanted pests like rats and mice, while at the same time protecting the health and safety of people and non-target animals." 

RatX® Pellets are effective for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control when used as directed and are safe to use around landscaping, near livestock housing, or under buildings or garden structures.   

EcoClear's rodenticides are made with ingredients that meet the Food & Drug Administration's GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standard. They target only the specific, intended species, so non-target animals such as pets, wildlife, and birds are safe from harm. 

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