Dr. Jessica Shepherd Shares Tips to Kick Start Health and Wellness on TipsOnTV

Top OBGYN and Women's Health Expert on Women's Health Month

May is Women's Health Month, the annual observance designed to focus attention on the health issues facing women. Dr.  Jessica Shepherd, MD, shares tips for achieving better health. Dr. Shepherd suggests women should take time to focus more on their own personal health and needs. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services points out that heart disease, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression, and autoimmune diseases are the top five health issues facing women.


Nearly two-thirds of U.S. women experience bladder leaks, that is 78 million, but the subject has always been taboo. It is time to talk about it by taking control and shattering the stereotypes. FitRight Fresh Start with Arm & Hammer is a complete bladder control solution created for women, by women, to deliver a one-of-a-kind wetness and odor control that every woman deserves. It includes a complete line of discrete bladder control products with the unique four-in-one support needed to feel clean, fresh, and free. FitRight Fresh Start is the only brand with the power of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to control odor. For more information, visit www.fitrightfreshstart.com.


Self-care and exercise are so important for maintaining mental and physical health, especially for women. Dr. Shepherd recommends Arnicare Gel by Boiron. Whether playing sports, exercising, doing yard work or home improvement projects, Arnicare really can help with pain relief. The non-greasy gel is powered by the Arnica plant and is ideal for women of all ages whose active lifestyles can lead to muscle aches, stiffness, swelling or bruising. The unscented formula is quickly absorbed into the skin and will, "help you to feel better faster." For more information, visit www.arnicare.com.


Many people may have heard of the gut microbiome, but women, also, have a vaginal microbiome which plays an important role in maintaining pH, promoting yeast balance and supporting feminine health. When the balance of bacteria in the microbiome is off, some women may feel it. Align Women's Dual Action provides a unique probiotic strain to help relieve occasional bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort, as well as two feminine health strains to help support vaginal health. Align Women's Dual Action also contains botanical chaste tree to promote monthly mood balance. For more information, visit www.alignprobiotics.com.


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