Crypto Lists Adds Overview Section Dedicated to Casino

Crypto Lists' new section features a variety of toplists covering a specific range of casino offerings. These include new crypto and real money casinos, decentralized casinos, Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos, with a sportsbook section coming soon.

Crypto Lists Logo with flying markers

Flying markers and Crypto Lists logotype continues to add value to their readers, as they start following a new direction, one which features online casino as an additional cornerstone of the site.

The overview page presents snippets of the individual casino-related toplists, making the site easy to navigate for readers who are searching for something specific. While there are some more crypto-specific toplists, such as decentralized casinos, others include real money casinos and those with instant payouts after winnings. Interested parties may view the page here:

Shaping up nicely
The co-founder Markus Jalmerot is enthused with the new and dedicated casino section, explaining: "The company's other co-founder and I come from the casino space, so it was always an intention of ours to explore crypto casinos once it was established as a flourishing niche."

He continues: "We perhaps didn't imagine it getting off the ground so quickly, but we're really happy at how the casino section of Crypto Lists Ltd. is shaping up. And, of course, we're not forgetting about the coins and exchanges that our visitors know us for. We're simply adding another string to the bow, so to speak."

A plethora of lists
Linked to the overview page are a variety of different toplists to help readers make the most informed choice. Both new crypto and real money casino sites can be found at Crypto Lists aims to have visitors covered whether they're looking for casino sites specializing in Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits, as well as no-wager and decentralized casinos. Additionally, there are plans on the near horizon to create a toplist featuring casinos that have sportsbooks.

Room for traditional online casinos
Although crypto is the central theme of the website, Crypto Lists also has listings of real-money-only casinos, since a considerable number of people prefer to use traditional currencies when playing. Many crypto casinos in the toplist accept fiat as an alternative funding method, and these brands are clearly reviewed, classified and listed as such. Branching out into 'traditional' casinos will help the toplist site to venture further into the online gambling space, adding more value for its visitors.

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