Credello: The Fake Wedding Ring Trend is All the Rage Right Now

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If you've been shopping around for a ring, you've probably run into some staggering engagement ring financing terms. Now, however, many couples are skipping the expense and instead opting for rings with fake or simulated stones, and with good reason. A fake wedding ring can be a great way to save money on your big day while still looking stylish and elegant.

What is a fake wedding ring?

In the world of high-end jewelry, there is a huge market for fake rings. A fake ring is considered one that is not made of real diamonds or precious metals but instead is made of a cheaper stone or metal. Often, these rings will have lab-created gemstones or glass equivalents that look like the real thing.

In terms of metals, the ring may be either plated with a thin layer of gold or platinum and have a sterling silver or stainless steel base. There are also options to buy bands made with other materials, such as tungsten or silicone, which are durable and relatively cheap.

The benefits of buying a fake wedding ring

The most obvious benefit of buying a ring with simulated stones is the cost. A fake ring can be made from a variety of materials and at a range of prices, so you can find something that fits your budget.

Also, many couples opt for simulated gemstones or alternative material rings for ethical reasons. Historically, gemstones were harvested from poorer countries that exploited workers, and metal rings have been linked with environmental degradation and health risks. By choosing a fake ring, you're supporting a sustainable industry that employs people in more ethical ways.

What should you look for when shopping for a fake wedding ring?

When shopping for a fake wedding ring, it's important to consider the stone type, size, and clarity. You'll also want to ensure the band is durable and comfortable to wear. Some models have padding inside the band to make them more comfortable.

If you're interested in buying a fake wedding ring, be sure to consult with an expert before making your purchase.

Should you consider getting a fake wedding ring?

There are a few things to consider before deciding to get a fake ring. 

First and foremost, you must weigh the cost of a "genuine" ring against the savings you can achieve by getting a fake one. An excellent way to do this is to compare prices on genuine and fake rings online. 

You should also ensure that any stones you're considering are durable enough for everyday wear. One of the reasons diamonds are so popular is that they're one of the hardest stones in the world and can handle the wear and tear of being worn daily. Softer stones such as quartz or rhinestones have the potential to chip and crack more easily than their expensive counterparts.

You and your fiancé should also test to ensure you're not allergic to any metals. Some couples have reported developing rashes or other allergic outbreaks once the plating has worn off their ring, exposing the base.

The bottom line

If you're on the hunt for a ring that will both wow your loved one and save you some cash, consider investing in a fake wedding ring. With so many great options on the market, you're sure to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your special day.

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