Counselling Melbourne Agency,, Has 98% Success Rate Survey Shows - Melbourne-based firm that offers individuals and couples with counselling services - achieves 98% success rate based on a random client survey.

July 12, 2011 - (

Paul the Counsellor is an Australia-based counselling agency that provides general and psychotherapy and counselling in Melbourne for individuals, as well as relationship counselling for Melbourne couples.

Through Paul the Counsellor, the counselling agency showcases the specialist services it offers, including counselling to assist with relationship difficulties; mental health counselling; anger management counselling; grief counselling; adolescent counselling; counselling to enhance self-esteem; addictions counselling; trauma counselling; cancer counselling and end of life counselling.

Owing to the high satisfaction rate, Paul the Counsellor has gained a 98% success rate based on a random survey of 100 clients who completed 10 sessions or more. Some of the respondents noted that the problem or difficulty they initially came to the counselling firm for was gone. Whilst others expressed that they felt confident that, after the counselling sessions, they were able to successfully address their issues.

Headed by Paul Cullen, Ph.D., each team member is an experienced practitioner holding multiple qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy. Over the course of their careers, these counselling specialists have successfully worked with people from many different backgrounds helping them to address a wide variety of issues. Each of the counsellors in the team is unique and brings different qualities and perspectives to the counselling work.

Paul the Counsellor is gaining rave reviews from clients who are thankful for the counselling agency's help during difficult times in their lives. Andrei Lucas from Melbourne, Australia, has this to say: "" helped me to deal with the emotions and feelings that I had been bottling up inside for many years. Putting into words what I was feeling helped me immensely to process and let go of what I had bottled up inside. The relief I felt was amazing, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders."

Practitioners at Paul the Counsellor attribute their high success rate to the humanistic counselling approach that they use. This technique focuses on the therapist-client relationship rather than on specific treatments like cognitive behavioural therapy that focus only on symptom reduction rather than an overall improvement in quality of life and fulfilment.

Individuals or couples looking for supportive and insightful counselling in Melbourne can check out and discover the difference.

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