Cooper Hues Develops Luxury Technology Platform

Cooper Hues is thrilled to announce a new product addition to the company's portfolio: Cooper - a global, web-based, luxury services and assets platform

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The platform is home to a marketplace that hosts listings for luxury asset and service providers, providing customized account access to individual clients, concierge companies and corporate travel groups. 

Cooper expands on the company's proven track record in the luxury industry and is a global expansion for the Cooper Hues product portfolio beyond the private jet charter space. Cooper Hues' venture into the technology space is aimed at filling a longstanding gap in the industry, whereby, sourcing, booking and reservation management is still a largely manual process. Designed with concierge, vendor and corporate partners in mind, Cooper enables enterprises to instantly increase their global footprint and streamline business operations, saving money and increasing their margins — all while reducing the agency's overhead that is typically associated with sourcing, quote reviews and reservation management. The platform even includes a commission markup tool and multi-currency, secure payment gateways to make the process of sourcing, customizing and securing a reservation as efficient as possible. 

Cooper's state-of-the-art digital platform also enables independent clients to browse, book and manage their own lifestyle services. The company recognizes modern consumer behavior depicts a change in preferences, with a large majority of industry newcomers looking for more control over their booking experience. Clients have the option of performing one-time reservations or booking assets and services on a recurring subscription basis. 

For those requiring more bespoke services, Cooper Hues provides an even higher tier of membership: the Cooper Verified status. Such membership includes '24/7, 365' Cooper concierge access with a dedicated Cooper agent. Cooper Verified agents deliver bespoke requests, deals and packages outside of existing marketplace options, and provide client access to ultra-premium categories like private jet club memberships, exclusive parties and more. 

"It's a game changer," says founder and CEO Gal Ozery. "It does for luxury services what Airbnb did for holiday rentals and what Amazon did to everyday shopping. We combined every asset and service that high-end clients want into a single platform that supports various types of members. Everybody wins."

Vendors and concierge companies can expect to reduce booking risks, payment delays and lack of data security with the digital storefront and partner services provided by Cooper's platform. The platform aims to reduce their partners' overall booking and operations costs by an estimated 10-20% — an overhead cost typically incurred by firms who do not leverage technology to source, quote and manage their client books.  

Cooper Hues has already begun accepting new clientele and partners amidst the pre-launch, and is opening the books to more clients, vendors, corporate, and concierge companies ahead of the global launch. 

For more information on Cooper, to become a vendor, concierge or corporate member, or to invest in Cooper Hues, go to

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