Chapel of the Flowers Unveils Vintage Vegas Package to Celebrate 70th Anniversary of Las Vegas as ‘Wedding Capital of the World’

70 Vintage Vegas Packages will be sold at just $15.00.

Chapel of the Flowers, a leading name in the wedding industry, is proud to announce an extraordinary offering in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Las Vegas being crowned the "Wedding Capital of the World." The Vintage Vegas Package, an immersive experience designed to transport couples back in time while crafting new memories, will be available for a limited time, until availability runs out, at an unparalleled price of $15.00. In Honor of the 70th Anniversary this package will be available to the first 70 couples to take advantage of it.

Honoring a Legacy of Love:
As Las Vegas commemorates 70 years of being a haven for love and romance, Chapel of the Flowers is embracing the city's rich history by introducing the Vintage Vegas Package. With over 5 million couples having chosen Las Vegas as the backdrop for their love stories, this package is a tribute to the enduring legacy of romance that the city has become synonymous with.

Package Inclusions:
The Vintage Vegas Package offers a remarkable array of experiences that reflect back to the city's golden era, combined with modern amenities for an unforgettable wedding celebration.

The package includes:
Victorian Chapel Ceremony: Couples will exchange vows in the very same Victorian Chapel that marked Chapel of the Flowers' beginning 63 years ago, is steeped in historic significance and timeless elegance.

On-Site Photo Session: A 10-minute on-site photo session captures the magic of the moment, creating memories that will be cherished for generations.

Five 4x6 Ceremony Prints: Take home five meticulously crafted 4x6 ceremony prints that encapsulate the joy and emotion of the special day. Live Ceremony Broadcasting: Loved ones can witness the union from anywhere in the world through live broadcasting, connecting hearts no matter the distance.

Vintage Vegas Custom Bridal Bouquet and Boutonniere: Embrace the Vintage Vegas spirit with a custom bridal bouquet and boutonniere that exude timeless charm.

Unity Ceremony: Seal the bond with a unity ceremony, symbolizing the merging of two lives into a shared journey.

Limited Availability: Only 70 Packages Offered
Chapel of the Flowers is making history by offering just 70 Vintage Vegas Wedding Packages at an unprecedented cost of $15.00. This package not only pays homage to Las Vegas' wedding legacy but also allows couples to create their own unique chapter in the city's story of love. To secure your Vintage Vegas Wedding Ceremony, contact Chapel of the Flowers at 702-735-4331 or engage in a live chat on the website,

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of history, to embrace the magic of Vintage Vegas, and to celebrate love in its most timeless form.

Contact Information:
Cynthia Sharpe
Director of Storytelling
[email protected]

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