Campworks, the World’s First Fully Electric RV, Withdraws From RV Market, Enters Save the World Industry Instead

Integrating Game Theory, Material Sciences and Exceptional Design, Campworks leads the model of sustainable living

Campworks NS-1

Smallest Model of Highest Efficiency of Living

Campworks, designer of the World's First Fully Electric RV, the NS-1, withdraws from RV Market, electing to pioneer the Save The World Industry instead. Kristian Rene, Campworks Director of Community and Communication, states, "It has come to our attention that there are two impressive new players in the RV market, determined to electrify the industry. They come to the table with bigger battery banks, and a determination to dominate this market on an outdated premise that bigger is better."

Campworks began production of the world's first fully electric RV / teardrop trailer in early 2020. They have since redesigned their "Nomadic System," to be the first personal, mobile infrastructure with power capable of recharging an electric vehicle, anywhere in the world. The NS-1 operates at peak efficiency, requiring less battery power to accomplish tasks like heating and cooling, expanding the utility of the whole system far beyond a weekend away. "We are always maximizing efficiency, which is different than just switching from fossil fuels to electric under the illusion of less emissions. We are decreasing consumption without sacrificing output, productivity or access," Rene outlines, "and these design elements yield carbon-offsets and a tool for future building."

"We wanted to design a better system of living," Rene states. The Campworks NS-1 has an electrical system designed in partnership with the Navico Group, a division of Brunswick Corporation, utilizing the Fathom® e-power system, a complete lithium-ion power management system. "We needed an electrical system that operates the way a user expects from the grid. What we've learned is that people hate to be inconvenienced, the best products are ones that make life easier and more comfortable. We needed a partner who understood the ability to expand power access requires regeneration, thus literally and figuratively empowering the individual user; an individual who now owns and manages their own infrastructure."

The Campworks team share expertise in environmental science and design, field medicine and scientific research, agriculture and global supply chain, off road / track racing, and automotive mechanics and tuning. Their interdisciplinary backgrounds brought them to the conclusion that if they want to save the world, they must integrate the best technologies available into a singular system. According to Rene, "We chose the camper platform because it's the smallest habitable space and most people understand it's meant to be recreational; we believe the future has to be fun and the work has to be worth doing if we want to see progress. We then modeled new energy storage and generation around one person world-building. We integrated heating and cooling, air purification, and water filtration and we optimized, then packaged, these processes into an autonomous, thermodynamically outstanding container. This is biophilic design at its best and it offers an experience that connects with, and helps to rebuild, nature."

Campworks has bundled the essentials and programmed them to operate exactly as the user expects. This model provides the essentials of living and integrates methods to manage water, electricity and air, using less resources in an inspiring and effective methodology. "When using the NS-1, your energy and water use become a game. We've become so accustomed to resources being limitless that we've never learned to moderate our use," Rene explains. "The NS-1 interior UI/UX design cultivates behavior that, at this point, purely for fun and recreation, mimics MindCraft-style-living to create new patterns of resource use, which ultimately, transfer into home life, potentially reducing consumption and waste generation unilaterally."

"Our next steps include scaling this model into larger applications including forest service, farming and ranching, and environmental studies," Rene outlines. "If we can work on climate change mitigation in a recreational format, we stand a chance of creating a new culture that's highly proactive and actually moving towards net-zero. We're not dreaming of the great American road trip. That's an old story that ends after a week. We're traveling the long-haul."

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