Award-Winning Volans Tequila Launches Its First Limited-Edition 6-Year Extra Añejo

Master crafted by renowned Tequila distiller Felipe Camarena, the first-ever Limited-Edition 6-year Extra Añejo Tequila from award-winning Volans Tequila is making its sought-after debut in select shops, restaurants, and bars beginning November 2022.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico - November 17, 2022 - (

An exquisite spirit born in partnership with famed Jalisco highlands distillery El Pandillo, crafted from select 100% Blue Weber agaves estate ripened in the rich red soils of Jesús Maria. "Felipe's innovative approach and time-honored traditions aligned perfectly in the Tequila's crafting and aging process," explained Volans co-owner Chad Allen. "We are excited to release this truly exceptional 6-year Extra Añejo Tequila." 

Volans Tequila worked with renowned Mexican artist Eduardo Mejia to create a captivating image representing time and family legacy, bringing together the story of their family roots with the iconic El Pandillo Distillery. 

Barreled in 2016 and originally earmarked for aging five years in American White Oak ex-Bourbon casks, master distiller Felipe Camarena declared after a 2021 tasting, "I am not sure when, but this Tequila will become an aged masterpiece." Felipe decided to extend the aging process, a consequential decision, as each year of aging means less Tequila due to evaporation of the angel's share. "In early Spring 2022, after six years in barrels, our masterpiece was born," said Volans co-owner Cristina Allen.  

It is described as having an enticing light caramel color, revealing a complex body and lavish layers of floral, red fruit, berries, citrus, baking spices, creme brulee, and subtle butterscotch flavors balanced with mineral and cask notes. 

A first sip awakens the palate with fruit notes, a second sip warms the soul with rounded heat and luscious flavors, and a third sip settles the mind with a long-lasting, elegant finish steeped in terroir.   

The newest star in the Volans collection, the 6-year Extra Añejo was bottled at 43% ABV and is presented in a 700ml bottle and unique gift box. This limited edition has only 1,960 bottles in the U.S. with a target shelf price of $499 and is now available in select markets just in time for the holidays.

About Volans Tequila

Born in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Volans Tequila is handcrafted by master distiller Felipe J. Camarena at El Pandillo Distillery NOM-1579. The Camarena family, along with the Allen family, founders of Volans Tequila and Idaho's Three Rivers Ranch, are fourth-generation family-owned businesses dedicated to making the best 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila in Mexico. Volans Tequila is confirmed additive-free and made with pride using historical and traditional methods that embrace innovation and sustainability. Volans Tequila is available at fine shops, restaurants, bars, and resorts in the United States, Mexico, and Australia.

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Volans Tequila Lineup
Volans Tequila Lineup

Volans Tequila is additive-free and traditionally-made using 100% Blue Weber Agave.

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