ATOWAK Announces Launch of COBRA: A Dangerously Stylish Watch With Satellite Hour Wheel


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HONG KONG - October 21, 2022 - (

ATOWAK announces the latest of their exciting timepieces. ATOWAK COBRA takes stylistic inspiration from the king of all snakes, the Cobra. Its angular head and the sharp point of its time indicators suggest a dangerous charm and a unique revolving satellite hour wheel with spinning minute hands provide deadly accuracy. Created for watch aficionados who are in touch with their wild side, this gorgeous new design is one of a kind, perfect for a night on the town or for rugged everyday adventure. ATOWAK COBRA is launching on Oct. 27 at 11 AM EDT on their own website The reservation for the COBRA is available at: 

Fresh off the success of their last watch, the supercar-inspired ETTORE that became a sensation with watch aficionados when it was launched on Kickstarter, the watch experts at ATOWAK are back with a stunning new design that finds its inspiration from the most revered of all snakes, the cobra. A fascinating creature that symbolizes strength, wisdom, and power, it is a fitting representation of a watch with such a captivating style. ATOWAK COBRA immediately catches attention with a bold angular-shaped watch case of 316L steel decorated with a scale-like Geneva woven pattern on the surface that imitates the hooded head of a cobra. The watch body is so intricately detailed that it requires 50 different processes of finishing and polishing to achieve its perfect form.

Known for its unique method of time indication, COBRA features an intriguing revolving satellite hour wheel with spinning minute hands. Hour indicators on three-wheel arms rotate 120˚ at a time between four sides to indicate the 12 hours of each day and on the tip of the minute carousel, hour indicators spin in and out, piercing through time like the fangs of a snake as they accurately point out the minutes along the dial. Combined, these components create a stunning effect: the watch appears alive and in motion as it maintains perfect synchronicity. 

"As our previous watches demonstrate, ATOWAK has never been afraid to be uniquely different. Our watches are more than fine timepieces, they are personal style accessories that connect with something deeper - a sense of adventure and bold confidence. ATOWAK COBRA instantly makes a statement; its cobra-inspired shape coils around the wrist, and its exclusive revolving satellite hour with triple-wheel arms sharply points out the time like a snake ready to strike. This unforgettable design, combined with precision internal components, and satellite complication, is a paragon of accuracy, performance, and style."  - Johnny Deng, CEO of ATOWAK

Made for those who celebrate their individuality and personal style, ATOWAK COBRA stands out and demands attention with the perfect combination of luxury detail, superb accuracy, and design intrigue. COBRA is launching on Oct. 27 at with worldwide free shipping. To learn more about the new release, visit:

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