Aperture Pet & Life Commemorates the 25th Anniversary of Neptune Systems

Releasing the Next Generation of the World's Most Trusted Controllers for Aquariums: The Apex A3 Family of Products

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - August 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Aperture Pet & Life is proudly celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of its most well-respected brands: Neptune Systems. In celebration of this milestone and Neptune's tremendous legacy as the #1 most trusted and used controller in the world, the next generation of Neptune's signature Apex controllers will be released including the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Apex Pro and a new entry-level Apex that provides the most critical monitoring features to meet an aquarist's needs at all levels. 

In 1996, Neptune's founder and President Curt Pansegrau decided to create monitoring and automation for his personal aquarium to ensure his corals and fish were best cared for while he was working as a full-time engineer in Silicon Valley's technology industry. After setting aside space in his garage to create his very first monitoring system, he quickly found that friends and colleagues who were also aquarists had the same need for peace of mind while they were away from their aquariums. This quickly blossomed into the start of Neptune Systems and creating solutions for not only people he knew personally but also for aquarists, aquariums, research labs and businesses around the world. Twenty-five years later, Neptune has helped tens of thousands of aquariums thrive with billions of measurements a year.

"I could never have imagined the incredible journey I was beginning," said Curt Pansegrau, founder and President of Neptune Systems. "Fast-forward to the present day, I am humbled and inspired by all the community support and great experiences that have made our best-in-class products what they are today."

The newest generation of the Apex system, the A3 Apex Series, includes four new models of controllers: 

  • 25th Anniversary Limited Edition A3 Apex Pro
  • A3 Apex Pro
  • A3 Apex 
  • A3 Apex Junior

All models feature on-board FMM input ports to directly accommodate digital monitoring devices and provide aquarists with customizable options that range from monitoring only to the most sophisticated combinations of monitoring, control and automation. This includes a new variable liquid-level sensor exclusive to Neptune Systems and a new optical leak detector. 

The entire A3 Apex series will operate off of the innovative and easy-to-use cloud service Apex Fusion, like all other Neptune Products. 

The Apex 25th Anniversary Limited Edition is badged with a 25th Anniversary emblem, a hand-signed letter from Neptune founder and President Curt Pansegrau, and an invitation to receive a free 25th Anniversary Neptune hat and T-shirt. 

The Apex Junior was created to provide the most critical level of monitoring needed for any aquarist at an entry-level price point, bringing peace of mind in aquarium care to even more aquarists around the world. 

"We are very excited to bring the A3 Apex Series to the community," said Pansegrau. "The new generation promises to deliver on greatly expanded possibilities for precision monitoring as well as better protection for the aquatic systems we maintain and love."

For more information on the new A3 Apex Series, please visit www.neptunesystems.com. These new products will be available for purchase at independent pet and fish stores in more than 50 countries and online specialty retailers. 

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