5 Ways to Use a Moving Loan

iQuanti: Moving is a big deal, and with a thousand moving parts, it's easy for the stress to begin pouring in. While some things can be helped, such as starting to pack early, there are plenty of issues that can't be prevented, such as the cost. 

The reality is that between closing costs, furnishing, or even gas to get to your new place, the price of moving can go well beyond what meets the eye. If you're getting ready to move and are thinking about getting a moving loan, here is everything you need to know, including some ways to use moving loans

What is a moving loan?

A moving loan is a type of personal loan that is designed to cover the cost of moving. 

Moving loans are the perfect solution for an individual or family who is having a difficult time funding their move out of pocket. Not only can this loan provide funds quickly, but many are also usually unsecured, which can mean an easier buying process all around. 

How to use a moving loan

Here are just a few ways a moving loan can be used to make your moving process that much easier:

1. Hiring professional movers

Whether you're moving to your first home or a fifth sublet, the process can seem daunting. One way to make moving a little easier is with a professional moving company. These companies are designed to take a lot of the work off your plate, making it easier for you to focus on what matters most: adjusting. Oftentimes, these movers will pack up, transport, and unpack or unload your belongings. 

2. Furnishing your space

Moving but don't quite have the funds to make the space yours yet? You may want to consider using a moving loan to help cover the needs and must-haves. Keep in mind that every dollar borrowed is one that will need to be paid back, so only use the loan for necessary expenses to begin with. Then, as funds become available, you can purchase additional pieces for the space where needed. 

3. Paying a security deposit or closing costs

Moving comes with a lot of unexpected expenses. If you're moving to a new home, there may be a number of closing costs or hidden fees to get services started. When it comes to renting, that can also mean covering a security deposit. A moving loan can give you the funds you need so that you can pay for the closing costs or security deposit without worry.

4. Renting a moving truck

For those brave movers taking more of a DIY approach, renting a moving truck may be in the cards. But with a blanket cost and additional expenses for things like mileage and gas, it can become expensive. If you don't quite have the funds to make the move, consider using a loan to cover the cost of the moving truck. 

5. Moving materials 

For those that need to pack up their own belongings, a moving loan can help cover the cost of the materials. From boxes and tape to blankets and mattress covers, these materials can start to add up in cost, but they aren't something that you'll want to skip on as they help protect your items. 

The bottom line

Moving is an exciting but expensive process. A moving loan can help to make the process easier, taking some of the burdens away from all parties involved. This guide helps to provide a few examples of how a moving loan can help you to meet your goals while making the process as smooth as possible. 

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