5 Instances Where Emergency Same-Day Loans Can Come in Handy

iQuanti: There are certain times in life when waiting for your next payday just isn't possible. If you need extra funds to cover essential or emergency expenses right away, a same-day loan can be an easy and quick option. Read on to learn about how emergency same-day loans work and some expenses they can help cover:

How do emergency same-day loans work? 

An emergency same-day loan is a loan where the funds are transferred to your bank account the same day you apply for them. This is not as rare as you might think. Several online lenders offer same-day funding for installment loans, cash advances, and title loans, provided you submit your application early enough during the day. Better yet, you may not need good credit to get approved for an emergency same-day loan.

When do you need a same-day loan? 

Here are some financial situations where getting a same-day loan may make sense: 

1. Your bills are due

Getting a shut-off notice from the utility company classifies as an emergency need. If the date on that notice is tomorrow, you need funds in your bank account today. The same holds true for phone bills or cable and internet bills. Mobile phones and Wi-Fi can be essential services, especially if you work online or from home.

2. Your car payment is late

Falling too far behind on car payments could initiate a collection action that eventually leads to a car repossession. That's not a position anyone wants to be in. An emergency loan can help you make that overdue payment and possibly an extra payment to give you some breathing room. 

3. You have a medical emergency

Medical emergencies are always unexpected and often traumatic in ways that go beyond your financial needs. A larger same-day loan like an installment or title loan could help pay for the medical bill and other related expenses like prescriptions or co-pays. 

4. Your car needs repairs 

Paying for an unexpected car repair is not something that can wait a week until you get paid again. Auto repair shops want their money when you pick up the car. Without it, you're looking at public transportation or rideshare to get yourself back and forth to work. Thankfully, same-day loans can help you pay for this expense right away. 

5. The cupboards are bare

Everyone needs to eat, and running out of food is one of the more urgent emergencies on this list. If you're short on funds for groceries, a same-day loan to get you through to the next paycheck could solve that problem. Use an emergency loan option like a cash advance to go to the grocery store and buy what you need. 

The bottom line

Waiting until tomorrow to have funds in your bank account is not always an option. Emergency same-day loans can help when bills are due, car payments are late, if there's a medical emergency or car repair, and when you run out of food. Consider getting a cash advance, title loan, installment loan, or other emergency loan to meet your immediate financial needs today. 

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