4 Easy Ways to Start Your Financial Journey

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iQuanti: Everyone's financial journey starts somewhere. Whether you have a solid understanding of finances or are looking for a beginner's guide, these four steps are the perfect entry point for tackling your finances. In the midst of this financial planning, you'll also want to have options for when you're short on funds. We've rounded up the tips you need to know, plus what to do when you need help, including same-day cash advances.  

1. Analyze your finances

When approaching your financial journey, it's important to start at the very first step: analyzing your money choices. You can begin by pulling out your bank statements and combing through your spending habits. When you face your finances head-on, this can help you understand exactly what you're working with and get an idea of what's going right or wrong with your spending. 

2. Create a budget

After you have a thorough understanding of your finances, it's time to design a budget. There are dozens of templates out there to get you started on budgeting, but you can also create your own personalized method that fits your needs. Have to prioritize debt over saving? There's a budget for that. Need to save for a big move? You can create a budget that works perfectly to get you there! 

3. Grow your savings

In almost any case, you'll want to prioritize your saving efforts. Having a solid savings account available can help you in case of emergency, allow you to save up for a financial goal, and be a solid safety net in case you have a life change. Even if you can only put away a small amount monthly, the interest on the savings will continue to grow and get you into the savings mentality. 

4. Beginner investing

When thinking about easy financial moves, investing may not come to mind. But the reality is that investing is a catch-all term and can include very safe decisions and riskier ones. For beginners, investing in low-risk options like retirement plans can make your money stretch further. By putting money into things like 401k, CDs, or bonds, you allow your money to steadily grow.

What to do if you need money fast

Sometimes, things happen, even when we're doing everything right on our financial journey. If you find yourself in a pinch and need quick access to funds, there are plenty of options. Here are a few ways to get fast cash:

  • Get a same-day cash advance: For funds that don't require a lengthy application process, same-day cash advances can be a great solution. These loans allow you to submit applications in a matter of minutes and get the funds you need almost immediately. Then, you can repay what you owe in two to four weeks, when you get your paycheck.
  • Use your credit card: When you're in a financial pinch, a credit card may come in handy. If you use your credit card responsibly - by paying off your balance each month - then it can be a helpful way to tide yourself over until you have more money available. Just make sure you don't spend more than you can afford to repay so that you don't run into bigger financial problems down the road.
  • Get a pawn shop loan: When you don't have the credit to secure a loan, it might be time to try a pawn shop loan. With this type of loan, you give an item of value to the pawn shop as collateral, and they, in turn, loan money to you. You can have the item back once you've repaid the borrowed amount. Otherwise, the pawn shop will be able to keep it if you're unable to pay back the funds.  

The bottom line

Maintaining your financial journey is just as important as starting it in the right place. By following these tips and knowing what fast cash options are at your disposal, you're well on your way to better financial health. Just keep in mind that the journey is never finished, and it's always smart to continue learning and growing in order to stay on top of your finances.

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