The Unexpected Revival of Bespoke Wardrobes

How made-to-measure is making the modern man 

NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The bespoke renaissance is underway in New York City, with a generation of men choosing made-to-measure in their wardrobing pursuits. Although you might be more familiar with Savile Row in London or Via Gesu in Milan, pockets of designers are setting up shop in Soho, the West Village, and the coveted Madison Avenue shopping districts, enticing men young and old with crafting a style all their own. 

“The Hive and Colony flagship store opens on Madison Avenue next month. It’s a major milestone for our brand, and we’re excited to introduce our bespoke fashion experience to a new generation of shoppers,” said Marianella Mace, Chief Marketing Officer at Hive & Colony.

At Hive and Colony, we intuitively knew that custom suiting would be a trend fifteen years ago when we started stitching our way through Manhattan in the Hive and Colony Tailor Truck. And as men pay more attention to what’s in their closet, the demand for styles that cater to their individualist self-expression becomes more relevant. A level of prestige comes from wearing custom-made garments and accessories, and the bespoke design process opens the most discerning shopper to a world of possibilities.

“Men specifically have less options when it comes to fashion. Traditionally, they are influenced and offered neutral and muted tones, less variation in styles and material, and rarely given the focus on trending items as the women’s fashion market is. Men look to bespoke design as a way to create their own individual style and experiment with products they like, as opposed to sticking to the status quo,” shares Roger LaGrone, founder of Alexander Noel, a custom shoe concept.

What to Expect from the Bespoke Experience

The stylists at Hive and Colony guide you through customizing every suit element, selecting textiles, lapel and pocket styles, buttons and stitching, and interior lining. The initial fitting will also include hand measurements and can take up to two hours. Bespoke suiting from start to finish can take anywhere from six to eight weeks. It’s important to remember that your tailors are taking the time to create a one-of-a-kind garment that will offer you the perfect fit. Although it’s not everyone’s glass of whiskey, the experience and attention to every detail are priceless.

About Hive & Colony

The Hive and Colony bespoke experience enhances the tradition of garment styling, with a proprietary 3D body scan that our stylists then refine with hand measurements and a meticulous customization process to ensure the perfect fit for every one of our clients. With over 1,000 luxurious fabrics and a selection of handcrafted Italian accessories, Hive & Colony bespoke suits and tuxedos ensure that sophistication is never sacrificed.

To book an appointment, make a beeline to the grand opening of our Madison Avenue showroom on November 6, or visit one of the Hive & Colony showrooms nearest to you, or follow us on Instagram @hiveandcolony

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