The Ultra-high Performance E-scooter with the World’s 1st Transforming System Hits Kickstarter Now

The Ultra-high Performance E-scooter with the World’s 1st Transforming System Hits Kickstarter Now

SHENZHEN, China, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — INMOTION, a leading manufacturer of high-performance electric vehicles, has announced the launch of its latest product INMOTION RS: an electric scooter designed for speed and performance, now available on Kickstarter. This innovative electric scooter offers a unique blend of power, speed, and style that will feel the adrenaline rush.

It is an ultra-high performance electric scooter with the world’s first reinvented transforming system, allowing people to transform it into 4 different forms by adjusting the ground clearance height settings, supporters will experience noticeable shock absorption differences tailored to their all-terrain requirements and they can enjoy the exhilarating speed of a race car or the off-road dominance of an SUV. This is perfect for those who have a passion for racing sports and may have experience in motorcycle racing or power sports.

INMOTION RS electric scooter is equipped with dual 2000W motors and a peak output of 8400W and battery that can cover up to 100 miles on a single charge. Its top speed of 68 mph offers a thrilling ride while still maintaining safety features such as reliable brakes and bright LED lights.

INMOTION has also focused on providing a cool and stylish design, making the electric scooter not only an efficient mode of transportation but also a statement piece.

Through this Kickstarter campaign, INMOTION aims to raise funds to manufacture and distribute electric scooters to cities around the world. By backing this project, supporters will have access to a high-performance electric scooter that’s both practical and fashionable.

“We’re passionate about creating an electric scooter that not only delivers on performance but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and style,” said Bob Yan, Founder of the company. “By launching this campaign, we hope to gather support from individuals who share our vision of a sustainable future powered by electric vehicles.”

For more information about INMOTION and this revolutionary electric scooter, visit their Kickstarter page at and be part of the future of sustainable transportation.


Founded in 2012, INMOTION is a global high-tech company integrated with R&D, manufacturing and marketing sensor-controlled vehicles for personal transportation. At present, INMOTION’s products lines cover electric unicycle, electric scooter, e-bike, hoverboard and more. Centered on these product lines, INMOTION will always strive to shape the transportation sector by crafting more cutting-edge rides to simplify the travel and commute within the city for all riders of all ages.

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