The Natural Fibers Alliance stands with Dillard’s decision to support consumers’ right to buy natural fur and other animal-based products

WASHINGTON, April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Many within the fashion industry have come to stand in solidarity with Dillard’s department store and are asking the company to remain steadfast in their opposition to going free from carrying leather, wool, fur, and cashmere items despite recent attack campaigns by various groups calling for the store to adopt a “plastic and fossil fuel clothing policy.” Dillard’s, an upscale American department store, has been targeted by these groups with false claims and misinformation. There is fear that these bullying tactics will spread to other natural fibers and continue to infringe on consumer choice.

For decades, leather, wool, fur, and cashmere have been an integral part of fashion history and continue to be a significant natural fiber in many clothing designs. These natural resources have been used for centuries to provide both style and function. Consumers around the world especially appreciate and celebrate the diversity and versatility that fur brings to their wardrobe. While it’s on “trend” to bring forth those that choose to still partake in the option of selling this natural fiber, the choice will always lie within the consumer.

Those within the fashion industry commend Dillard’s for standing strong and maintaining a comprehensive range of animal-derived products in their inventory, despite the external pressures. By doing so, Dillard’s is respecting the choices and preferences of significant clientele who continue to appreciate and embrace leather, wool, fur, and cashmere fashions and accessories as important items to express their personal style.

“We’ve watched this act before; we’ve seen the fake outrage, cyberbullying, and in-person harassment of corporate executives lead to regrettable decisions,” said Mike Brown, head of public affairs and communications for the Natural Fibers Alliance. “Along with others in the fashion industry, we believe that Dillard’s has the right to cater to the diverse taste of their customers and must not fall victim to the outrage created by fake email accounts and social media pages.”

Acknowledging how fashion is a matter of personal choice and expression, the fashion and animal-use industries will continue to advocate for the inclusion of leather, wool, fur, and cashmere in their products and support retailers like Dillard’s who choose to listen to their customers’ needs and wants.

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