TAFT Launches Highly Anticipated Rapido High-top Sneaker Collection, Bringing Classic ’80s Vibes To The Modern Fashion Scene

TAFT Launches Highly Anticipated Rapido High-top Sneaker Collection, Bringing Classic ’80s Vibes To The Modern Fashion Scene

NEW YORK, June 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TAFT, the trailblazing designer and retailer in the footwear industry, is thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated Rapido High-Top Sneaker collection. Blending vintage charm with contemporary fashion, this remarkable collection showcases TAFT‘s innovative approach to the beloved ’80s high-top sneaker silhouette, marking an exciting new chapter in the brand’s evolution.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Spain, the Rapido High-Top Sneaker exemplifies TAFT‘s unwavering commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. Its fully leather-lined interior and premium materials, including jacquards and Spanish calfskin, showcase the brand’s dedication to superior quality. The custom TAFT outsole is specifically sourced from Italy for its quality, reflecting TAFT’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Stevens shares his vision for the Rapido High-Top Sneaker collection, stating, “We have done the minimalist sneaker thing a bunch – the Rapido’s are not minimalist. They are bold and they are playful, and they are in-your-face. You won’t find other sneakers that are putting these types of textiles onto a silhouette like this. I love sneakers, and I wanted something that sneakerheads would love too. I think it’s right in line with what we do – we take the basics and apply unique materials and finishes to them. These sneakers are no different. We took a silhouette that feels familiar and put our own spin on things. This is really our first stab at trying to be relevant in the overall sneaker culture.”

The Rapido collection comprises four distinct sneaker designs: Brown Woven, Eden, Eden Noir, and Eden Blanc. Each style represents TAFT‘s unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and artistic individuality, bearing the unmistakable signature of TAFT‘s visionary founder and designer, Kory Stevens. Positioned on the side of each shoe, Stevens’ signature, combined with the TAFT engraving at the back, adds an air of exclusivity and superior artistry.

Each model within the Rapido collection pays homage to the past while confidently embracing the present. The colorways offer distinct personalities, ranging from the earthy tones of the Brown Woven to the minimalist elegance of the Eden Blanc. Meticulously designed to cater to diverse styles and tastes, every sneaker in the collection stands as a testament to TAFT‘s commitment to delivering high-quality, stylish footwear that transcends time and trends.

TAFT‘s legacy is firmly rooted in delivering high-quality, stylish footwear, and the Rapido High-Top Sneaker collection perfectly embodies this tradition. With its unique design, unparalleled comfort, and distinctive branding, the Rapido collection establishes its own definitive presence in the realm of footwear fashion.

The Rapido High-Top Sneaker collection will be available for purchase on the TAFT website starting June 16th. Priced at $295, and $375 for the Brown Woven, each style exudes timeless fashion appeal that promises to resonate for years to come. For further information on TAFT and to explore the Rapido High-Top Sneaker collection, please visit https://taftclothing.com/.

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TAFT is a direct-to-consumer men’s footwear brand specializing in unique, bold shoe designs. Founded in 2014, TAFT shoes are produced in Spain and Portugal with textiles ranging from suiting wool, to woven upholstery fabric, to Charles F. Stead leather. TAFT prides itself on having an inclusive vibe among its customer base, consistently delivering exciting new styles.

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