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CHANGSHA, China, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — S’Young International (“S’YOUNG”) announced the successful conclusion of its first-ever Luxury Hair Care Brand Ceremony, which brought together a group of business leaders and top-notch beauty brands under the same roof to shed light on the insights and highlight products that lead the current and future trends of “luxury haircare”.

This ceremony is held in Changsha, which has been continuously rated as one of the happiest cities in China for fifteen consecutive years. It is also known as the “Capital of Media Arts” in the world. Changsha embraces diverse cultures, providing an excellent environment for world-renowned brands to gather. Additionally, as one of the most representative new Tier 1 cities, Changsha embraces China’s youngest, most contemporary, and most diverse consumer groups. Here, global brands can better engage and understand their target audience.

The entire event was woven together as a fusion of industry summit and brand ceremony, kicking off with a play of light and shadow. This was accomplished through cinematic-level computer graphics and holographic screens, presenting the distinct elements of various hair care brands along with the cultural nuances and definitions of beauty from the countries where each brand originates. The first S’Young Luxury Hair Care Brand Ceremony aimed to bring together global brands beyond geographical, cultural, and product limitations. It united research experts, industry leaders, and key opinion leaders to collaborate, all dedicated to bringing global luxury haircare solutions to Chinese consumers and igniting a trend of luxury haircare in China.

The theme of the event cast a spotlight on the three keywords that define the very essence of the modern beauty industry – fashion, innovation, and nature – which are showcased by three pioneers in the hair care industry through the introduction of their brand stories, values, as well as the unique products that deliver luxury hair care experiences to global customers.

Wei Liu, the Chief Physician of Dermatology Physicians Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, was among the featured guests invited to share the latest research on scalp health. In addition, industry experts also presented their reports on the outlook of the hairdressing industry.

Elegant Fashion with Björn Axén

Representing the epitome of “Fashionable Hair Care,” Björn Axén, hailing from Sweden, took the attendees on a journey into the world of hair aesthetics with a presentation that delves into the brand’s craftsmanship and high-end hair care solutions. The brand takes pride in the honor of bringing its hair-dressing solutions to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, as well as its strong brand heritage which makes it one of the most iconic names in the fashion industry.

Johan Hellström, founder of Björn Axén, introduced the brand’s history, remarkable milestones, market strategy in China, as well as the signature hair repair line-up that is set to debut in the country.

Innovative Vision with DS Laboratories

When the air was filled with electronic beats exuding the energy that matches the futuristic tech aesthetics of DS Laboratories, Dr. Fernando, CEO of the brand, presented a video that transported the audience to the company’s lab based in Miami, United States, which spearheads cutting-edge innovation with the aim of offering the best hair care solutions in the world.

At the event, Dr. Fernando Tamez, along with the host, invited the audience to share their concerns about hair loss and other problems related to hair health, followed by a story about genetic hair loss within families, showcasing the brand’s sentiment and commitment — evolving from addressing familial genetic hair loss to embracing the mission of tackling hair loss for millions of individuals. On the stage, he demonstrated the product development process at DS Laboratories, explaining innovative ingredients and formulas with which the brand harnesses to address hair loss problems for millions of customers worldwide.

Natural Beauty with oolaboo

As the electrifying excitement subsided, the audience was greeted with the tranquil and awe-inspiring scenery of the Netherlands, where the hair care brand oolaboo was born. Against the backdrop of the pristine beauty of a country known for its picturesque landscapes, the brand showcased its R&D process and production line that embodies its mission to develop organic, nourishing, and effective hair products that “link inner and outer beauty”.

Richard Wilmink and Jeroen Wilmink, founders of oolaboo, shared their personal experiences and passion for enhancing the effectiveness of natural hair products, explaining the intrinsic brand philosophy that aligns with its commitment to creating luxury products that redefine natural beauty.

The combined market value of body and hair care products in China has hit RMB 80 billion, making them two of the largest categories in the country’s beauty market, according to the latest report of iResearch Consulting Group. Meanwhile, the shift in the attention of Chinese customers from meeting their basic needs to focusing on advanced features and benefits of personal care products has injected new dynamics into the beauty landscape, opening up a new arena for legacy brands to expand their offerings and reach new customers.

As the first global event hosted by S’YOUNG to highlight innovative solutions in the hair care category, the company aims to leverage the platform to tear down the cultural and psychical silos by presenting international offerings tailored to evolving lifestyles of Chinese customers while uniting industry insiders to share their creative ideas and visions that fuel the next growth chapter of the beauty industry.

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