Shapewear Brand Popilush Celebrates National Shapewear Day with Inspiring Body Positivity Campaign

WILLIAMSBURG, Va., Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of National Shapewear Day, Popilush, the esteemed fashion brand renowned for its stylish and comfortable shapewear, is thrilled to announce the launch of its inspiring brand campaign centered around body positivity. From August 8th to 11th, Popilush invites women from all walks of life to share their empowering stories under the hashtag #wearmybodyconfidence on Instagram, embracing their uniqueness, and fostering a community of body positivity.

National Shapewear Day, celebrated annually on August 10, is a day dedicated to appreciating the transformative power of shapewear, a garment that has been boosting confidence for centuries. Tracing its origins back to the Greek and Roman eras, shapewear has evolved remarkably over time. From constrictive corsets required in 16th-century fashion to the modern, comfortable, and practical versions today, shapewear continues to adapt to the needs of society. Whether it’s to smooth the stomach, thighs, or arms, shapewear gives women a polished, self-assured look, making it an essential wardrobe staple.

As an innovative and multifunctional shapewear brand, the heart of Popilush’s latest campaign to celebrate National Shapewear Day, is the expression of their core brand values, encouraging women to embrace body positivity and exude comfortable confidence. As a brand dedicated to empowering women, Popilush has set the platform for its customers and supporters to share their personal journeys of self-love and body confidence. Through this campaign, Popilush aims to create a safe and supportive space where women can celebrate their bodies and inspire others to do the same.

“This campaign is a true reflection of our mission, providing a platform for all female friends to share their empowering stories and celebrate their unique beauty. Our goal here is to strengthen the bond between Popilush and our valued customers by setting the stage for open and meaningful communication. Together, we will create a safe and supportive space where women can embrace their bodies with confidence and inspire one another,” said Popilush’s Co-Founder, Eve DeMartine.

Popilush’s innovative shapewear products, including built-in shaper dresses, multifunctional built-in bra bodysuits and classic shapewear, are designed to provide women with more freedom in shape, comfort, and fashion – all of the things that embody the concept of body positivity and confidence.

The brand campaign themed #wearmybodyconfidence is now live until August 11th. Popilush uses this campaign as a genuine platform, inviting both new and existing customers to connect with the brand’s core identity. They warmly welcome all women who resonate with their message to engage and contribute to the construction of a community centered around body positivity and confidence.

About Popilush

Popilush is an empowering, inviting, and fashion-forward shapewear line for women. Their mission is to highlight what women of all shapes and sizes love about their bodies and to promote comfortable confidence. Popilush gives all women the freedom and confidence to be themselves every single day with high-quality shapewear that comes in a diverse range of sizes and is exceptionally affordable for the high level of quality. While caring for its customers, the brand is also committed to caring for the environment. The brand uses rapidly biodegradable textiles for its clothing and uses less plastic when packaging them. 

To learn more about Popilush and discover its modern shapewear products for women of every size and color, please visit , or engage with the Popilush community on Instagram @popilush.


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