Pretty Dope Society Expands Launch of Melanin-Filled Back to School Collection for Black Children, Celebrating Representation

FORT MILL, S.C., July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pretty Dope Society, a trailblazing eCommerce brand dedicated to providing everyday products for Black children, proudly announces the launch of its highly anticipated expanded Back to School collection. This year, the collection goes above and beyond by introducing a range of vibrant, fun, and melanin-filled backpacks, along with matching school supplies. The release of this stunning collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to representation and empowering Black youth.

Last year, Pretty Dope Society successfully launched their initial backpack collection, quickly gaining recognition for its exceptional quality, stylish designs, and most importantly, its celebration of diversity. This year, the brand has taken it a step further, offering not only backpacks but also a wide selection of matching school supplies, including folders, notebooks, and more. Each item within the collection has been meticulously designed to showcase and uplift the beauty and uniqueness of Black children.

The heart and soul behind this groundbreaking collection is none other than the founder of Pretty Dope Society, Chrishonda Benson, along with the invaluable input of her daughter, Mariah Benson, the company’s talented 10-year-old designer. Together, they have poured their passion, and creativity into creating a range of products that perfectly capture the essence of Black culture and identity.

“Our expanded Back to School collection is a celebration of representation and the belief that every child deserves to see themselves reflected in the products they use every day,” said Chrishonda Benson, founder of Pretty Dope Society. “By incorporating diverse images of Black children into our backpacks and matching accessories, we aim to instill a sense of pride, confidence, and belonging in young minds. Our products are not just school supplies; they are a powerful symbol of empowerment.”

With their bold colors, dynamic patterns, and eye-catching designs, the Pretty Dope Society backpacks and matching accessories are set to become the must-have items for this back-to-school season. The collection showcases a wide range of joyful and melanin-filled characters, encouraging young Black students to embrace their unique identities and express themselves proudly.

As an eCommerce brand dedicated to providing high-quality products for Black children, Pretty Dope Society continues to drive the importance of representation in mainstream spaces. By creating products that celebrate the beauty and diversity of Black culture, the brand is not only breaking barriers, but also setting a new standard for inclusivity in the industry.

The expanded Back to School collection by Pretty Dope Society will be available for purchase starting July 31st on their website, With limited quantities available, parents and educators are encouraged to explore the collection and secure these empowering items for their children as they embark on a new academic year.

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Pretty Dope Society is an eCommerce brand that specializes in providing everyday products for Black children. With a focus on representation, the brand aims to empower young minds by offering vibrant and inclusive designs that celebrate Black culture.

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