Lil Durk Announces April Public Mint of Phygital Sneaker Collection

Lil Durk Announces April Public Mint of Phygital Sneaker Collection

NEW YORK, April 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lil Durk, in collaboration withNXTG3NZ’, is proud to announce public minting for their highly anticipated ‘7220’ phygital sneaker collection. The collection’s minting public event will go live on April 10th at 11:11 a.m. EST and consist of 11,111 pairs of custom designed phygital sneakers on the Algorand blockchain.

Designed by 0X-E, the collection will allow holders of the ‘7220’ token to wear their digital sneakers across multiple Metaverses, including The Sandbox. Because the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ tokens are a phygital collection (digital tokens linked to a physical item or representation), NXTG3NZ will also gift each ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ token holder with a physical pair of ‘7220’ sneakers. This provides everyone who purchases the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ sneaker to demonstrate their digital ownership of the token in the physical world.

The digital version of the sneaker will be revealed to the token holder within 5-7 days after the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ is minted. Following that, the holder will receive a form in which they can enter their shoe size as well as the mailing address to which the physical sneakers should be sent to. Those who purchase and mint the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ token should expect to receive the physical sneakers within three to five months after completing the form.

The physical sneakers are being produced in Portugal at the same factory that produces sneakers for luxury brands Balmain and Moncler.

With the purchase of the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ, token holders will also receive exclusive benefits and memberships from NXTG3NZ. This includes real-life events with Lil Durk at festivals and shows, automatic access to the Early Access for upcoming sneaker drops with additional music and music icons.

“I’ve always loved fashion and now its technology, so it just made sense to combine them two. It’s a new wave and we’re leading with NXTG3NZ. Doing it the right way, we built this for 2 years now.” Lil Durk

Jessica Tsai Chin, Chief Marketing Officer at Algorand, agrees with Lil Durk’s dedication to the fans stating, “As the pioneers scaling blockchain infrastructure, we are thrilled to partner with Lil Durk. Algorand is on a mission to transform the technology and culture landscape through real world value. This is the moment for powerful businesses to be born out of fandom and access.”

While the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ token is their first phygital collection, NXTG3NZ has plans to release future collaborations with additional music and more.

To learn more about the ‘7220’ NXTG3NZ NFT Collection, visit NXTG3NZ’s website at

About NXTG3NZ Digital Wearables
Co-founded by Lil Durk, Satoshi Design, and Nexus, NXTG3NZ is a decentralized footwear company that utilizes Web3 technology to empower celebrities, athletes, and influencers to create their signature shoe brands. This one of a kind physical shoe collection utilizes NFT technology, which serve as proof of authenticity and enable them to reward their loyal community with perks. With industry veterans from the world’s top three shoe brands on board, they excel at producing high-quality luxury footwear, allowing them to step into the future of fashion in style.


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