Introducing Finding Foxtale: A New Children’s Brand Inspiring Discovery and Adventure

Through happy clothes, thought-provoking stories, and friendship-filled experiences, Finding Foxtale aims to help children discover their true selves

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LONG BEACH, Calif., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Finding Foxtale, a new children’s clothing company and lifestyle brand, is proud to announce its launch in time for the fall and holiday seasons. Recognizing that childhood is precious, Finding Foxtale was created with one simple objective: to build a sustainable business that provides kids, and the adults who love them, with a meaningful escape from today’s technological quicksand. Featuring a collection of thoughtfully designed clothes, exclusive storybooks, and in-person experiences, the company aims to provide opportunities for children and adults to discover the true friendships that will help create a kinder, more connected world.

Founded by Kimberly Inskeep, the social selling innovator, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman behind women’s clothing brand cabi, Finding Foxtale is no ordinary children’s clothing brand. A curated assortment of heritage-quality pieces will inspire children’s creativity, and are made to last, with an average price point of $50. Each season, the brand will offer a core collection of wardrobe essentials, supplemented by ongoing ‘Fresh Finds’ releases with special limited-editions, holiday items and more trend-focused styles. The brand is also committed to fostering a real-world community among its shoppers with an ongoing series of pop-up events across the United States, where kids can gather to play, embark on adventures, and build friendships, while their parents connect and share parenting experiences. Additionally, the brand will sell directly to customers online.

“My urgency to address the impact of social media on children’s lives was awakened when I learned that over 40% of children reported feeling lonely since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said founder Kimberly Inskeep. “Finding Foxtale was created to nurture the precious moments of childhood by offering both kids and their parents a purposeful, joyful alternative to technology and social media, amplified by storytelling.”

Believing in the transformational power of stories to encourage kindness, honesty, joy, and friendship, Finding Foxtale has developed an exclusive ‘Foxtale Forest’ storybook series to complement its apparel collection. Each order of clothing from Finding Foxtale includes a complimentary character booklet, introducing the Fox and one of five heroines, like Dani Flores from California or Paxton Dawes from Tennessee, wearing outfits that showcase real Finding Foxtale clothing. With the Fox as their wise guide, and featuring moments of kind honesty, bold joy, and true friendship, the stories of Finding Foxtale Forest empower both children and parents with the confidence to contribute to a kinder world. For the holiday season, Finding Foxtale will launch a beautifully illustrated, hardcover, collector’s edition novel where all the characters meet in the Foxtale Forest for a grand adventure.

“Childhood stories – Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hungry Caterpillar, and Nancy Drew remain among my favorites – are one of the most powerful ways that we as kids learn what honesty, joy and friendship look like in the face of trouble, said ‘Foxtale Forest’ author Madeline Hewitt. “I am thrilled to help Finding Foxtale step into that written learning tradition.”

And because Finding Foxtale believes in the mandate ‘to do well so one can do good,’ the brand has created the Tales of Joy Foundation, which is focused on providing disadvantaged children opportunities to experience the power of stories and friendship.  The Foundation is seeking like-minded partners from both not-for-profit organizations and business leaders to join the brand in delivering on a shared commitment to provide children and society a brighter future.

Finding Foxtale recognizes that childhood is precious, and we worry about record levels of reported loneliness in our kids and the technological quicksand fueling it. And so, we are a children’s clothing brand on a mission. Finding Foxtale inspires children to discover their true selves through happy clothes, thought-provoking stories, and friendship-filled experiences. Developed by social selling innovator and cabi co-founder, Kimberly Inskeep, the company has one simple objective: build a sustainable multi-channel business that provides a vehicle for kids, and the adults that love them, to discover the true friendships that help create a kinder, more connected world. And because we believe in the transformational power of stories to encourage kindness, honesty, joy, and friendship, we developed our own storybook series, Finding Foxtale Forest. In a first of its kind offer, complimentary Finding Foxtale Forest mini-books accompany every customer order, culminating in a fully illustrated book, published annually. Finding Foxtale believes that when like-minded communities come together to positively impact the lives of our children, we can significantly and positively impact the world. Learn more at

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