DAHLIER Revolutionizes the Sexual Wellness Industry with Sustainable Gender-Inclusive Lingerie and Accessories

DAHLIER Revolutionizes the Sexual Wellness Industry with Sustainable Gender-Inclusive Lingerie and Accessories

Luxury, Sustainable Sexual Wellness for the Kinky, Vanilla and the In-Between.

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DAHLIER, a queer-owned sexual wellness brand, is proud to announce it’s relaunch. Founded by tattoo artist and former reality TV star, Vudu Dahl, DAHLIER is a brand that promotes luxury, sustainability, and awareness of BDSM accessories designed for every gender and sexual identity.

Growing up in a religious cult that restricted her freedom of expression and identity, Vudu Dahl found solace in BDSM. The practice helped them undo the emotional and mental scars from childhood and discover their true authentic self. Dahl became more confident through their journey as an artist and realized that BDSM was more than just a sexual practice – it was an art form.

DAHLIER aims to inspire others to discover themselves and live in their truth, regardless of gender, sexual preference or background. With a commitment to sustainability, DAHLIER installs eco-conscious practices in producing lingerie and accessories.

“We’re proud to be a brand that promotes inclucivity and diversity in sexual wellness. We want to provide a safe space where people can embrace their sexuality and expression, without fear or shame” Dahl said.

The company carries a small, limited-edition collection of lingerie and accessories that have been designed with every body in mind. The products are made from high quality materials and are geared towards promoting pleasure, experimentation, and education.

“We want to provide a luxurious experience for our customers, while also promoting sustainable practices in our production process. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality lingerie and BDSM accessories that are designed with them in mind,” Dahl added.

DAHLIER invites everyone to explore its products today and discover a world of pleasure, exploration, and self-discovery.

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