Cash Labs Brings Interoperability to 2nd Annual Metaverse Fashion Week USA – English Middle East – English USA – English

Cash Labs Brings Interoperability to 2nd Annual Metaverse Fashion Week

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Where art meets fashion in the Metaverse. Cash Labs is one of the presenting partners of Decentraland’s MVFW, where they will exhibit four digital fashion activations within their Cash Labs Gallery, featuring collaborations with Vogue Singapore, Artisant, SHOWstudio, and Danit Peleg x NounsDAO.

NEW YORK, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Cash Labs, dubbed “the leading force in bringing Web3 endeavors to market” by Vogue, will be one of the partners of the second annual Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland in partnership with and OVER metaverse, which launches today, March 28th, and runs through March 31st. Cash Labs’ founder David Cash was one of the creative forces behind the first-ever event last year and continues to aid in the production of the event through their role as a curator for the Decentraland Foundation. Along with Cash Labs, Cash founded the ‘Cash Labs Gallery’ at last year’s event; and will bring the gallery back for a return to this year’s programming in Decentraland’s new and renovated ‘NEO’ design district. Surrounded by industry leaders such as Adidas and Coach, Cash Labs is in good company.

The first floor of the gallery will feature ARTISANT’s latest collection, Iconic Cash. David Cash has teamed up with ARTISANT to create a unique collection of Decentraland wearables called Iconic Cash. The collection consists of six digital assets with AR filters and can be found in the Cash Labs Gallery on the first floor. The price range for these wearables is between 1 and 5 mana, making them accessible to a wide range of guests. Visitors to the Cash Labs gallery can also use a portal to access ARTISANT’s Spatial gallery, where they can find the most expensive asset on display at the event – the ‘Doge Crown’ by Dolce&Gabbana, a part of Red DAO’s iconic collection.

ARTISANT is a dynamic gamified digital fashion platform that is pushing the boundaries of the industry by welcoming thousands of new users, making daily free drops, advocating for creative freedom for designers, and practicing a creator economy. With this collaboration, David Cash and ARTISANT are demonstrating their commitment to innovation in the digital fashion space.

The second floor of the gallery will feature SHOWstudio’s ikon-1, the first major digital fashion NFT collection by renowned photographer Nick Knight starring Instagram sensation and model Jazzelle / @uglyworldwide. SHOWstudio‘s ikon-1 is a showcase for the work of 30 digital fashion designers from around the world. Explore the world of ikon-1 via imagery, videos, and sculpture in this immersive metaverse exhibit exclusively in the Cash Labs gallery.

“ikon-1 is an inspiring and compelling vision of Fashion’s future in Web3 that I hope will inspire the much-needed change and adoption of technology in the fashion industry,” said Nick Knight.

Additionally, Cash Labs Gallery will showcase a groundbreaking fashion exhibition on its third floor, featuring a collaboration between Danit Peleg and NounsDAO. The collection of five outfits is entirely 3D-printed and represents a significant leap forward in fashion design and production. The collection draws inspiration from the artwork of Nouns and is funded by NounsDAO, an NFT project with a creative community and vast treasury to fund projects that promote its CC0 art. Cash Labs is excited to display Peleg’s creative process in their exhibition format, and encourage gallery-goers to further explore Danit Peleg’s incredible practice.

Danit Peleg, a leading innovator in 3D-printed clothes and textiles, harnessed the power of cutting-edge 3D printing technology to create these innovative pieces of wearable art. She experimented with various 3D printing technologies and each technology allowed for unprecedented levels of creative expression. Danit Peleg believes that the advancements in 3D printing technology have the potential to transform fashion design and production.

“I think this is the start of a golden era for creators. Nouns DAO is an inspiring organization with beautiful CC0 art. Nouns are experimenting with how IP can be monetized in the blockchain era. With its massive treasury, Nouns are empowering artists, designers, and creators to pursue their passions and bring their creations to life.” – Danit Peleg

Vogue Singapore and Cash Labs are set to take the Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) by storm with their activation on the fourth floor / rooftop of the Cash Labs Gallery. The activation will feature an exciting lineup of activities, including a digital fashion competition, panel talks, wearable options, and a POAP (proof of attendance protocol token). Vogue’s digital fashion competition will showcase the top three designs voted by a selected panel live on Decentraland, with the eventual winner announced on Attendees can vote for their favorite designs using the immersive affordances of MVFW live via a link on the cash labs gallery.

Additionally, Vogue Singapore and Cash Labs will host two-panel talks on ‘Love in the Metaverse: A New Age of Connectivity’ and ‘A New World: Fashion in the Metaverse.’ These talks will provide insights into the latest trends in the fashion and technology industries, as well as the impact of the metaverse on the future of fashion. Phygitical fashion leader Ilona Song will offer three wearable options for attendees to clothe their avatars with.

The activation will also feature a Vogue Singapore POAP, available for attendees to collect, making this event a must-attend for fashion and blockchain enthusiasts. The event promises to be an immersive and exciting showcase of the intersection between fashion and technology, providing attendees with the chance to move seamlessly between Vogues space in Decentraland and their experience in Spatial, engage with industry experts, and experience the latest trends in the world of digital fashion.

According to David Cash, Founder and Managing Director of Cash Labs:

“We are thrilled to be part of Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week for the second year in a row, and are proud to showcase the cutting-edge work of our partners at the leading event in celebrating digital fashion. We believe that the metaverse provides a unique platform for exploring new and exciting possibilities in fashion, and we are excited to share this with our audience. In particular, we are excited that multiple of our partners are exploring the possibilities of interoperable experiences and we are proud to be supporting activations from both Artisant and Vogue Singapore that transverse both Decentraland and Spatial this year.”

Cash Labs would like to thank their production partners for making this year’s activation possible. Namely principal metaverse build support from the incredible team at The Metaverse Group, adjacent support from the builders at Dapp Craft and The Decentraland Foundation, and help with all wearables in our gallery by Kostas Massios.

About Cash Labs:

Cash Labs is a leading Web3 innovation agency that specializes in creating innovative solutions for businesses in the metaverse and beyond. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the digital world, and their recurring participation in MVFW is a testament to this. For more information on Cash Labs and their programming at Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week, please visit their website or follow them on social media.

About David Cash:

David Cash has curated Web3 shows, events, and activations seen by billions around the world. Cash launched their company, Cash Labs, with over 6 years of commercial photo/video production experience. Their personal photography and art direction work have been seen internationally in outlets ranging from Vogue to MTV to Netflix. All of this, paired with having written a master’s thesis on NFTs and DeFi, makes Cash & their team uniquely qualified to produce the highest quality Web3 activations on the market. Cash is currently the lead curator of the Decentraland Metaverse, A Contributor to Vogue Singapore, and an Advisor for many of the top organizations and artists in the NFT/Web3 space.

About Decentraland:

Decentraland is a virtual social world powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the first decentralized metaverse. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications as well as socialize and attend a wide range of daily community-driven events. Decentraland is owned, created, and governed by the users.

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