Baleaf Sports Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary with the #Havea9thday Challenge

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Baleaf Sports (“Baleaf”), a contemporary activewear brand committed to creating versatile, eco-friendly products, has kicked off a month-long, online sports-themed bash #Havea9thday from August 9th to September 9th to mark the brand’s 9th anniversary on August 9th, and to say thanks for nine years of loyal support. Meanwhile, Baleaf also invites friends globally to join its birthday festivities through sports, anytime, anywhere.

Baleaf’s CMO Katherine Zhang said, ” As we celebrate this 9th anniversary, we’re grateful for your support, aiming to continue being part of your healthy and joyful lives.” The enthusiasm is mutual, with many of Baleaf’s customers sharing congratulations and personal stories with the Baleaf brand.

Erica and her family say it best: “We absolutely LOVE Baleaf in our house!” For them, and for so many others, Baleaf is more than apparel; it’s part of life’s milestones. She met her husband first when she was purchasing Baleaf products. Erica shared, “I wore them all through getting fit, getting pregnant, and the high waist was a lifesaver postpartum with a c-section! The material is so buttery soft, and they do not wear out! Thanks for keeping us comfy, cool, and safe from the summer sun!”

Baleaf’s chlorine-resistant swimsuits have been mentioned in many shared stories. Barb Mucher, who found the perfect fit after knee surgery and “has held up in the heavily chlorinated pool”. Michele Reyes, who discovered that Baleaf’s suits last longer, said, “I normally have to replace suits every year but not with your product.”

A 60-something dad and granddad, Storm Purdy discovered Baleaf through his daughter, a sports therapist. Now, Baleaf’s products are part of his family’s life, especially their must-have golf wear. “You have a good thing going. Your products are comfortable, stylish, and reasonably priced. I look forward to ordering some fall apparel in the coming days.”

Katherine is thrilled about the deeper connections made during this 9th-anniversary celebration. “Understanding our users’ thoughts allows us to see the value we’ve created over the past nine years, which will inspire us to further anticipate and even create user needs. These insights guide our continued support for your sports and healthy lifestyles.” she said.

Baleaf has also initiated the #Havea9thday campaign on TikTok, inviting people to put on their favorite Baleaf clothing, exercise immediately, participate in this online birthday party, and have a nice day. Participants from all walks of life, young and old, professionals and students have joined this one-of-a-kind online birthday bash, embracing Baleaf’s sports products. This unconventional online sports party isn’t just an event; it’s a reflection of Baleaf’s wide-reaching appeal.

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Founded in 2014, Baleaf is a contemporary activewear brand which caters to those who enjoy dabbling in fitness trends but don’t want to keep stockpiling gear for each activity they engage in, including yoga, running, cycling, outdoor, swimming. With a mission to empower everyday motion and a vision of a world where every person can experience the joy of everyday motion in their own way, Baleaf’s purpose is to build confidence beyond belief.

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