What You Don’t Know About Apparel Photography May Shock You

Product Photography Studio is the commercial studio of entertainment and Apparel photographer Tsour Lee Adato. The commercial studio marks a departure for the artist into more affordable photography. Lee Adato wants to bring the same technical skills and artistry to product photography in order to increase sales for the many small businesses that keep America's engine running.

High-quality Apparel photography used to be the provenance of large corporate brands who could afford the services of top photographers.  Thanks to partnership programs with E-Commerce giants like Shopify and Amazon, more and more small to mid-sized businesses are able to equalize the playing field and compete on that level.  These companies help to lower the cost and remove the barriers to high-quality shots and 360 photographs.  Product Photography Studio has now entered the arena, bringing with it a decade of editorial and celebrity photographs.

“Working with high-end products and well-known magazines was a trial by fire for me as a photographer,” says Product Photography Studio owner, Tsour Lee Adato.  “I learned how to not only make things look beautiful but how to sell with a picture.  I am now taking that knowledge and those skills and applying it to items that many would consider ‘ordinary’ so that small businesses have the same style and quality look and feel to their products as the Big Boys.  I know how to sell with a picture, and now my commercial Apparel Photography clients will be able to gain from that knowledge.”

Shopify and Amazon now only have certification programs which make pricing more affordable, but they also lend their brand’s value and trust to the studios they work with.  When Shopify is willing to guarantee a photo shoot, their customers trust the photographer.  Product Photography Studio works with both Amazon and Shopify under the umbrella of Professional Photography INC, one of the largest and growing commercial photography studios in the US for 2016. By teaming with this giant, Lee Adato is able to offer the same level of services to luxury clients as small businesses.

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