Voice My Valentine Campaign Adds a Sonic Twist to Valentines Voice Messages

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Voices, the world’s leading voice over marketplace, today launched Voice My Valentine, their annual Valentine’s Day voice campaign giving friends and sweethearts the opportunity to send a customized voice message, read by a professional voice actor, to a person of their choosing.

This year, Voices will choose four lucky winners to send a professionally voiced valentine’s message on their behalf. The message sender will be able to submit the message they want to send, but Voices will choose the style in which the message is read. On Valentine’s Day, the message recipient will receive a customized, professionally voiced Valentine’s message via email.

“Voice messages as a means of day-to-day communication have skyrocketed in popularity, whether it’s for convenience, speed, or just simply that people have a lot to say,” says Tara Parachuk, Senior Manager, Brand Communications at Voices. “We wanted to put a fun twist on the voice messages that people would have been sending their friends and flames anyway. We also wanted to encourage people to share their sweet, inspiring, and friendly words for Valentines.”

Submissions will be open from February 1, 2024 to February 7, 2024 at 10pm. Winners will be notified on February 13, and audio files of messages will be shared on February 14.

To listen to last year’s winning recordings, to enter the contest, or for more information, visit http://www.voices.com/voice-my-valentine.

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