Tuxera SMB Server Offers Novel Scale-Out Feature Compatible with Linux

Fusion File Share provides enterprise storage systems with peak performance and unsurpassed reliability

Fusion File Share by Tuxera, which maximizes the speed and efficiency of data access, offers a Scale-Out feature that is unique among SMB implementations working with the open-source Linux operating system.   

Tuxera is the leading developer of data storage management software and networking technologies. Fusion File Share provides users with the fastest and most reliable access to shared file resources and has all the features required by modern enterprise organizations, cloud vendors and software-defined software companies. 

The Scale-Out feature enables the creation of parallel and scalable multi-SMB server service. Where many enterprise storage systems rely on a single SMB server for operations, Scale-Out allows for a multi-SMB service that can route to multiple file cluster nodes and storage systems, providing faster throughput at low CPU and memory usage.

Fusion File Share with Scale-Out is designed for enterprise-level companies that place high demands on shared storage systems, such as: 

  • Media and entertainment companies performing 4K/8K video editing. 
  • AI/ML companies analyzing images, files or any unstructured data. 
  • Medical companies storing CT, PET, X-ray, microscope and other imagery and analyzing them with AI/ML or by person.
  • Cloud companies serving vast numbers of clients with SMB.

For SMB file sharing to scale, or launch, accordingly, it must be optimized to allow for the maximum possible data transfer speeds. A server's throughput, or the number of files passing through a given system, must be properly calibrated to execute said optimization. 

Scale-Out's multi-node SMB capabilities simplify this process. Users can add or remove nodes as needed to scale or descale servers - without encountering service interruptions in the process. The feature also provides redundancy, functioning as a failsafe - in the event that one node would experience an outage, the rest of the node cluster is able to maintain operations.

"Competing products on the market today leverage single-node set-ups, leaving thousands of projects at risk every single day," said Jukka Muhonen, product manager at Tuxera. 

"All it takes is a single node failure to cause company-wide damage. With Fusion File Share with Scale-Out, users can have peace of mind knowing that their data is protected by a multi-node environment with fallback redundancy." 

Aside from serving as an ideal cloud storage tool for a continuously growing user base, Scale-Out also can be instrumental to machine learning/AI processes. It provides the high-speed data transfer and scalability needed for real-time analysis of medical imaging or surveillance video feeds. It also facilitates the cleaning and denoising of images, audio, documents and simulations, and the refining of algorithm data. 

"The use cases are nothing short of remarkable. Whether you are dealing with large video files, AI processes, machine learning tasks, or just are in need of a way to bolster your cloud storage operations, Scale-Out is able to deliver a scalable and secure solution," said Antti Alila, head of Tuxera's enterprise business unit. 

To learn more about Tuxera's Scale-Out feature or any of its other data storage management solutions, please visit https://www.tuxera.com/products/fusion-file-share-smb-enterprise/. 

About Tuxera

Tuxera is the leading provider of quality-assured data storage management software and networking technologies. We help people and businesses store and move data reliably while making file transfers fast and content easily accessible. Our software is at the core of billions of phones, tablets, cars, TV sets, cameras, drones, external storage, routers, spacecraft, IoT devices, and public cloud storage platforms.

Tuxera's customers include car makers, device manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, data-driven enterprises, and much more. They rely on our software to protect data integrity, improve storage performance, transfer data rapidly and securely, and extend flash memory lifetime in their products and for their projects. We are also members of JEDEC, AGL, SD Association, The Linux Foundation, and other industry associations. Founded in 2008, Tuxera's headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the U.S.

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