Toho and Universal Music Artists LLC Unveil Mofu Mofu Music Caravan (MMMC): A Cutting-Edge Anime IP Project. Firstly, Toho Will Launch an NFT Collection With SaltSweeet Inc.

Toho, Japan's foremost movie company, collaborates with Universal Music Artists LLC to present Mofu Mofu Music Caravan (MMMC). First, Toho will launch an engaging NFT collection that breathes life into the mesmerizing world of Mofu and provides exceptional commercial licensing opportunities for its holders.

Toho, Japan's premier movie company, and Universal Music Artists LLC, a subsidiary of UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC Japan for UMG, the world leader in music-based entertainment, have joined forces to create an enthralling music intellectual property, Mofu Mofu Music Caravan (MMMC). 

In collaboration with SaltSweeet Inc., a pioneering web2 and web3 marketing venture company, this innovative NFT project aims to transform the way anime IP is experienced, valued, and utilized. Set in the enchanting Mofu world, MMMC features 10,000 limited-edition, high-quality NFTs, each representing exclusive rights and privileges associated with the captivating characters from Mofu World, initially produced and developed by Toho and SaltSweeet.

Mofu Mofu Music Caravan
Mofu Sapiens, residents of the Mofu world, deeply cherish music. However, when the Mofu government bans free-spirited music, a dark age descends. Only government-approved music is allowed. Some Mofu Sapiens, unwilling to submit to oppressive restrictions, come together to form a band, using their musical instruments as a means to express their desire for freedom.

The journey to liberating music by Mofu Mofu Music Caravan (MMMC) begins now.

Upcoming Music Video Release
This summer, Mofu Mofu Music Caravan will enthrall fans with the release of its debut music video. With an engaging anime storyline featuring the main characters with impressive visuals and a captivating soundtrack, this eagerly-awaited premiere promises an unforgettable experience for Mofu World enthusiasts and music lovers across the globe.

Enhanced Commercial Licensing Utility
MMMC offers a unique and enhanced commercial licensing utility for NFT holders. By owning a Mofu Mofu Music Caravan NFT, holders unlock a world of opportunities to create, collaborate, and monetize their NFTs in various ways, such as merchandising, brand collaborations, licensing for advertising and media, and access to a supportive community.

Experience MofuMofu at NFTNYC 2023
Stay tuned for significant updates regarding project partnerships in April. Meanwhile, all enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals are invited to visit the Mofu Mofu Music Caravan booth at NFTNYC 2023. As the premier NFT event, NFTNYC 2023 brings together the brightest minds and most innovative projects in the non-fungible token space. The booth will showcase the captivating Mofu Mofu Music Caravan project, offering an exclusive insight into its unique features and potential. Hosted in the vibrant city of New York, NFTNYC 2023 provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn, network, and explore the fascinating world of NFTs.

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